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KPFA "Upfront" & Cat Brooks Pushes Billionaire Charter Funded Privatizers Shill Ryan Smith
by Stop Privatization & Charters
Thursday Feb 2nd, 2017 11:13 AM
KPFA "Upfront" Cat Brooks is pushing Billionaire Charter Funded Privatizers Shill Ryan Smith who she had on her show to supposedly fight racism and discrimination in education. Brooks failed to mention that her guest was funded by the racist union busters that are trying to destroy public education such as Lumina Foundation, The Bloomberg Philanthropies and Walmart The Walton Family Foundation. Who is doing the research on guests on this show and shouldn't they let people know where their guests are coming from.
KPFA "Upfront" And Cat Brooks Pushes Billionaire Charter Funded Privatizers Shill Ryan J. Smith
On today’s show, Cat Brooks and Mitch Jeserich talk about the latest in Trumplandia. Then, we discuss Betsy DeVos and the threat she poses to public education with Ryan J. Smith (Executive Director of The Education Trust-West). We also cover action happening locally. Diana Martinez interviewed Katrin Wehrheim (Professor of math at UC Berkeley) about the … Continued

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§Walmart Funded EdTrust Supports More Privatization
by Stop Privatization & Charters Thursday Feb 2nd, 2017 11:13 AM
Walmart which is union busting and has racist policies is funding Education Trust-West which supports more charters in California. Cat Brooks failed to ask who funds her guest Ryan J. Smith and then fails to talk about the billionaires who are taking over public education in California through charters and union busting while segregating the schools.