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Freedom Killers R US...1-24-17 Mouse Report
by DJ Mouse
Tuesday Jan 24th, 2017 2:47 PM
more endless bad news and horror...w/ a couple breaks in the gloom...
Scott Bennett and Annie Machon...inside job whistle blowers in bogus war on our w/ hot potato UBS bank account funding for murder contracts in the Arab Sting...over half a million dead and growing...straight to an unconcerned deaf, blind, dumb press...but wait while Glenn Greenwald squares off w/ Anderson Cooper in defense of Chelsea Manning...w/o mention of the snuff film of the Reuters crew to the tune of demonic laughter..ditto the 8 figure body count in Central Africa from the Clinton Bush Museveni Kagame war machine...or it gets a salute ('Hillary and Michelle') from the anti-Trump march...
by What democracy??
Wednesday Feb 1st, 2017 10:52 AM
Latest figures released through the alturnative media is that 20,000,000 people have been Killed by the Empire of the U.S. ruling classes using the workers children as their cannon fodder since 1945. Twenty million killed and rising.

This is particularly ruinous to the ecological balances of the planets web-of-life but not unknown to the workers and peasant red armies of the world. It is now that all countries are being stressed out to provide more and more cannon fodder to make the twenty five percent (now elected middle classes whom Marx says is created to stop the workers from taking over the main means of production distribution and the banks so that the world commune could be funded for needs rather than a WMD-weapons of mass destruction said by scientists to be over 1-6 overkill potential of all the webs-of-life on Earth.

This potential is hidden by censorship of the truth and so an alturnative media of the peoples has arisen to expose the big corporate military prison complex which poses only as the freedom and democracy of the whole world, which the U.S.--Uk hopes to take over from the peoples uniting for their own good and well-being.

Any peoples resostance is reported by the big corporate media and the industrial prison corporate-military complex as 'Terrorism' to which all must fight and die for. This thin veneer is more and more exposed by the peoples as a fraudulent way to elect all male governments and that it must be stopped in case the women of the world finally decide that they are in fact the 'better half' and to prove it they by all natural law must take over and be elected equally and access half the law making being half the world's people before real rep democracy happens to save the world. That is how peace and justice and much, much, much more harmony and joy return to our threatened specie, which is threatened with extinction by the 1-6 overkill that the world's empires have put in place despite the majority working classes and friends and sports of the world. Voila! Egalite pour la femme dans la revolution! Workers of the world unite for maximum good vibrations. Dismantle the 1-6 WMD--weapons of mass destruction to liberate the world.