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No call for a "Peaceful Transition" to a multi-polar world?
by DLi
Sunday Jan 22nd, 2017 2:22 AM
In stark contrast to the bi-partisan call for a "Peaceful Transition"--by both Corporate-bin-Laden parties' top hacks--to inaugurate the new Trump regime, there was complete silence when it came to the foreign(read, Imperialist)policy of the United States, toward the rest of the world in 2017 and beyond.
It is an indisputable historical fact that the self-proclaimed USA "lone Superpower" is the most aggressive and genocidal military interventionist in the world since WW II. Yet there is a "Yuge" disconnect and blindspot when mainstream political pundits started calling for a "peaceful transition" as soon as the LOSER of the November 8 presidential election was SELECTED by the archaic and anti-democratic "Electoral College" to become the nation's next White House Occupier.

Meanwhile, by almost all credible observers, the world is entering into a multi-polar community in the 21st century. Unlike the immediate post-WW II years, US economic supremacy has been steadily supplanted, first by European and Japanese development, and now even faster economic growth by the developing world led by China. Yet, in spite of this rising trend of globalized intercourse and mutual consultation, the intensity of US militarism and unilateral "regime change" campaigns have actually accelerated.

So, where's the urgently-needed call for a "Peace Transition" to a more civil multi-polar world? Sadly, POTUS 45 Trump's "America First" slogan is a dark reminder that Washington intends to militarily enforce its unilateral and Imperialist hegemony on the Planet.