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Victim of Identity Theft Tells Her Story
by Gloria Walker
Thursday Oct 27th, 2016 12:16 AM
Patient Assaulted, battered by a
Fresno Community Hospital Security Guard in the ER leaving "visible" injuries.
#Police Auditor's Report Faults Fresno Police
Department : Indybay -

Refer to my Fresno Police Department (FPD)
FPD IA CASE: #2012-0109*
FPD CASE: #PD12028637-1*
FPD EVENTS: #12-28637, #12AP2966, #12AX2966*
Reposted by: Gloria Walker, Victim
Date: 10/26/2016@10:50 PM PST USA

During this Audit in 2012 I was a Victim of
T-Mobile Network Hack. When I called FPD to make a
report. I was treated by FPD OFFICERS as a
59+ African American Black Female who had
what these FPD OFFICERS opinioned as
having: "MENTAL ISSUES". Because these FPD
Officers not understanding Identity Theft.
I was placed under a "FALSE FPD ARREST".
With use of Excessive Force, Handcuffed and taken
strapped down on a Ambulance to
Fresno Community Regional Medical Center
Hospital (FCHRMC). Where, less than 24 hours later. I was assaulted, battered, injured with "visible injuries" all over my body, hospitalized. After being assaulted by a
FCHRMC Security Guard. FCHRMC has "FAILED"
to report this to the Fresno Police Department (FPD).

Fresno Police Department (FPD) despite my every effort since 04/24/2012 the date I was assaulted as a Patient inside the FCHRMC ER. Has "FAILED" to
properly investigate this "Assaultb& battery with
"visible injuries".

Since, 04/23/2012 FPD IA CASE: #2012-0109 I as the
Victim continues my fight to get Justice and
Criminal Charges FILED by the Fresno County
District Attorney's Office against this
Security Guard.

Like many Citizens my case was "SNUFFED" during this Independent Audit Investigation. This should not of caused the FPD IA to just Close my case which is
a "CRIMINAL" case.

I have posted EVIDENCE on Social Media like
Facebook, Google+ and Twitter to bring my case before
the City of Fresno, Government and the
U.S. Attorney General to investigate.

I have face so much "RETIALATION". Yet, I still

Posted by: Gloria Walker, Victim for Justice
Date: 10/26/2016@11:12PM PST USA