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A technology that makes it impossible for guns to fire: The ultimate safe neighborhoods.
by Keener
Wednesday Aug 26th, 2015 7:34 PM
A technology that makes it impossible for guns to fire: The ultimate safe neighborhoods.
A technology that makes it impossible for guns to fire: The ultimate safe neighborhoods.

Social scientists and technologists are scrambling to bring the impossible to life. They are racing to build something that will save life.

They are trying to build a gun-proof neighborhood.

In America, Africa and other regions, urban gun violence is tearing countries apart. It is only getting worse. As global economies crumble, urban youth are the first to suffer. Their only role models are now, almost exclusively, gangsters and their only dream is to live hard and die young.

They are taught, by their peers, music and media that “the world is unfair and you have to kill for your rights”. They are angry and disappointed in society’s total avoidance of responsibility for them, or their parents. Every generation, the anger doubles. Top politicians do not care about them. Taxes are paid but they see none of the benefits. They feel hopeless.

Schools and naïve “don’t be bad” TV commercials have failed to reduce urban despair.

The guns and the deaths are increasing.

What can be done?

Clever inventors have taken the next step. Take a look at some of the inventions, in the lab, that you may see in your toughest neighborhoods, if the science evolves:

In one system, test blocks in tough urban areas are blocked from vehicle traffic. The only way in and out is via metal detectors. You have to walk in, through the metal detectors. If you are caught with a weapon you get an RFID chip in your arm and you are never allowed back on that block. After an initial search of the block, it is certified secure. The metal detector has a light that is visible to the whole block, so that multiple neighbors can keep an eye on the riff-raff. Blocks are expanded, block by block, as each section is cleaned.

Many high crime neighborhoods now use sound triangulation sensors that can spot the location of the audio of a gunshot. New camera and drone systems can now see the illumination of a gunshot and record the sound location and the actual video location of the shot.

Those approaches are seen, by some as militaristic. What about a more benign way to stop gun deaths?

What if there was a way to blanket a neighborhood with waves or vapors that a gun could not fire in?

One technology approach involves blanketing a neighborhood with vapors that are breathable but do not allow combustion to take place. It may be a vapor like the Halon that we now fill office spaces with to stop large area combustion. A very specific kind of Halon-like vapor could be held in certain neighborhoods by vinyl enclosures. This new kind of vapor would only stop gun-like combustion.

Another technology involves an electronic arch, which all people and cars must pass through, in order to enter the neighborhood. This arch would always be emitting energies which destroy, or change, the gunpowder, or the ignition cap, in each bullet into something that cannot combust or explode. Every material and chemical composition has physic effects that will change, or destroy, that material or chemical composition. Lasers, Masers, High frequency Energy, Electromagnetic pulses and vapors can change many kinds of material from one form to another. The trick is finding just the right set of physics modifiers that will kill the bullet and not the people or your mobile phone. This kind of gunpowder molecular reprocessing beam is gaining great interest.

Scientists are demonstrating a number a ways to stop gunfire by pointing a gun in a sealed chamber and filling the chamber with a certain process. The guns won’t fire. That isn’t the main problem with many of these possible technologies. The use of that process without a chamber and WITH humans and their pets is the biggest challenge. The process must be safe for people. After all, the whole goal is to improve human life, not sicken people with a new social ill.
The pot of gold is the molecular processor. Much like we can now focus beams inside the human body, wipe out a small patch of cancer, and leave the patient relatively unscathed; focused energy processing may be our best bet.

If a neighborhood, or all its access ways, after an initial sweep, can be bathed in energy that turns gunpowder into plastic then we might have something. While that sounds like science fiction, remember that margarine, which you eat, is only one molecule away from being plastic. The smallest changes in a material can have dramatic results in what that material becomes.
Many cars today don’t use keys. They detect if you are the right person via a chip in your pocket. Cancer doctors are already turning cancer cells into other kinds of non-cancer cells. Tiny manipulations of matter can yield big miracles in the full-size world.

One billionaire is talking about offering a million dollars for the first working “gun blanket beam”.
Families who have lost children in the urban drug wars are pleading with science to get that hope realized.

Even some gun enthusiasts embrace the concept. Instead of taking peoples guns away, you just turn off everybody’s gun in the worst areas. When they are out hunting, the beams have no effect.

As the world becomes more troubled, gun deaths increase geometrically. The NRA says that almost no person, who takes gun safety training, ends up shooting people in drug wars. The statistics show that untrained hot-heads shoot people and often by accident because they are just trying to intimidate someone. This localized shooting termination technology is fair to everyone because everybody is equally restricted from gun violence, in designated areas.
Will governments fund this research or will they resist, both, the research and it’s implementation?

Will homeowners put this technology around their individual homes so that, at least, their own home is shot free?

What are the other social and political implications of such a system?

The future will be here sooner than you think!