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U.S.-Backed Neo-Nazis Are Killing Thousands of Innocent People in Ukraine
by David R. Kimball
Friday Sep 19th, 2014 2:22 AM
The U.S. has installed a neo-Nazi regime in Ukraine which is bombing and killing innocent Ukrainian civilians. One million Ukrainians are now refugees, and thousands have been killed. NATO member countries are currently supplying weapons to the Ukraine neo-Nazi government as the media keeps the nature of the regime and its crimes hidden from the public.
Especially since the late 1980’s, Western strategy in regard to Ukraine has been to first peel off Ukraine from the Soviet orbit, then destabilize it to make it amenable to the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and U.S. corporations such as Monsanto – with eventually the probable goal of placing NATO bases in Ukraine right next to the Russian border. [1]

In February of 2014, the U.S. State Department covertly engineered a coup d’etat in Ukraine. Victoria Nuland, spokeswoman for the State Department, past advisor to Dick Cheney of the Bush administration, and spouse of neocon Robert Kagan, named Arseniy Yatsenyuk as the person to replace elected president Victor Yanukovych in Ukraine. [2] Following this, on March 5, 2014, Yatsenyuk replaced three existing Deputy Defense Ministers in Ukraine with rabid anti-Russian neo-Nazis. The person who was made the Minister of Defense, Mikhail Koval, then openly stated his intention to “ethnically cleanse from Southeastern Ukraine the ‘subhumans’ who voted for Yanukovych”… confiscate their property, and give it, including land parcels, to Ukrainian soldiers and others loyal to the new regime. [3]

The Svoboda Party and the Right Sector, which have held recent street demonstrations in Ukraine celebrating the Ukrainian Galicia Division of Hitler’s Waffen SS, play a leading role in this new regime that the U.S. has installed into power. [4]

Using the “N” word - for Nazi - with regard to the current Ukrainian government, however, is forbidden in the Western media. [5]

In recent months, this illegitimate Ukrainian neo-Nazi government has been carrying out what Koval had clearly said he would make happen. It has been brutally bombing and killing innocent Ukrainian citizens [6], just as Hitler’s Ukrainian Nazis had killed innocent Ukrainians – especially Jewish people and those on the political left – between 1941 and 1944. [7]

To give only one example of many: On August 14, 2014, Ukrainian neo-Nazis bombed the eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk, using illegal white phosphorus fire bombs against the civilians living there. [8]

Ukrainian civilians currently under attack from their own government’s military have nowhere to turn, and they know that Western and Ukrainian media are not reporting the atrocities being perpetrated upon them, or the fascist nature of the perpetrators. [9] Thousands of innocent citizens have been and are being brutally killed, and recently the UN reported that over one million Ukrainians are now refugees [10], fleeing the onslaught of neo-Nazi Ukrainian governmental forces.

On September 15, 2014, the Ukraine Defense Minister confirmed that NATO member countries were supplying weapons to the Ukraine neo-Nazi government. [11]

The incredible facts are that instead of opposing Ukrainian Nazis as it did in the 1940’s, the U.S. is currently supporting an illegitimate neo-Nazi government it put into power in Ukraine, and Western media is hiding both the fascist nature of the regime and the atrocities they are committing against peaceful Ukrainian citizens. [12]

“On 4 August, Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Sergey Lavrov, once again appealed to humanitarian agencies associated with the United Nations… to create a humanitarian mission…” [13]

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Also see:
by mikebaldwin
Friday Sep 19th, 2014 9:46 PM
It is so disheartening that our main-stream media is so complicit in keeping the truth of current events from us. I do realize that the major six profit from war & occupations, and in a capitalistic society, those with the money can do what they want, but it is still despicable to me that they can straight up lie with no recourse. We are so lucky to have alternative, honest, investigative places to get the facts! Thank you David, Global Research, RT, Paul Craig Roberts, & all the awesome bloggers out there keeping us AWAKE!!
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