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Urgent Court Support Request – Unprovoked, unwarranted police assault in Santa Rosa
by via March for Andy Lopez
Tuesday Aug 26th, 2014 2:47 PM
This is a request from Sarah Abouata to get people from the community to show up in support of her court defense against the Sheriff. Trial Jury selection will begin on Wednesday 8/27 at 10:30 am. The trial is set to begin on Friday, 8/29 in Sonoma County Superior Court - Courtroom 8.
Here is Sarah Abouata’s story:

On April 28, 2013, Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office deputies came to my house in Roseland/ Southwest Santa Rosa. The came to my house in response to an accidental, misdialed 911 call hang up. They demanded entry without warrant and arrested both my boyfriend and I immediately upon entry into our home. They infringed on our constitutional rights by entering our home without cause, and then threatened to kill us and our dogs at gunpoint. Once inside they verbally, racially labeled and stereotyped me as a “Mexican gangmember”. Once arrested and handcuffed, they then physically assaulted me, knocking me down, and even suspended me in the air by my throat while handcuffed. It is interesting to note that I am neither Mexican, nor have I ever been a gang member or associate. I happen to be a first generation Palestinian-American businessperson.

My boyfriend and I are both being charged with violation of Penal Code Section 148 - Obstruction of Justice; apparently, because SCSO and the DA believe that we were somehow obstructing some mysterious version of justice, even though no crime had been committed in our home. At worst their version of events might have resulted in a minor infraction, instead they arrested and booked us, and the DA chooses to pursue this case, even though neither of us has any criminal history.

The lawyer defending us in the preliminary hearing caught one of the assaulting officers on the stand, and under oath, in three different lies. He also lied on his police report and in a written letter to the court about the circumstances of our being assaulted and arrested. I have suffered great physical spinal injury as a result of this series of events, and also now must seek counseling for Post-Traumatic Stress. I have been unable to work since this time, even though I had been self-sufficient as a small business owner prior to being assaulted by the Sheriff’s deputies.

At this point, I do not care if we win or lose the court case, but the truth must be heard and justice must prevail. A lie is always easier to believe then the truth. The judge keeps trying to throw deals at us to make us go away, but we are dead set on a trial.

The trial is open to the public. I Hope you can make it.