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How I Spent My Summer Weekend... my fb postings for Monday August 19
by Greg Allen Getty (gregfromtracks [at]
Monday Aug 18th, 2014 7:25 PM
As I write this today, Monday August 18, peaceful protest is continuing at the gate to berth 56 at the Port of Oakland where the Israeli owned Zim liner Piraeus is waiting for protesters to leave so the ILWU can safely offload and the empire can get on w/ the messy business of extermination of native contact myself or Nuremberg Actions that so far has consensus to endoprse4 our non-vioplentemail me or call
6:03 pm's from Food not Bombs' listserve an hour ago ' Zim ship is still being prevented from unload out at the Port. 5pm: all out for 6pm picket/blockade. It is improvisational & autonomous...Block the Boat give the go ahead, but aren't doing the same logistical, organizational support. So, any outreach, food support will be improv, DIY. But, that's what FNB is used spread the word, keep posted, & be safe...'
1:26 pm
Gaza you are not alone
the Zim liner is still at berth 55...and not being loaded as long as we maintain at least a dozen or so...walking the back and forth across the driveway as is our right to peaceably assemble as guaranteed under the 1st ammendment...from a friend; 'OAKLAND UPDATE: !!! "Kaos at SSA they officially shut down that terminal for today."
from a port trucker compa, Jorge Esparza'
12:55 berth 56 where it's at and 55 aren't visible from bart...only 57-58...I'm sure it's still there...unloading only started this morning I think...they'll get away if we can't muster the measelly dozen it takes to legally block a gate
12:39 pm There is all day parking at shoreline park 200 yards north of gate 55-56 where the Zim ship is NOW LOADING because we are all sitting on our thumbs when the ILWU NEEDS US THERE...the cop who asked me why I felt better said "Got it" when I said "Because I'm not killing Gazans"...handcuffed in back of his car...the semi driver who stopped by my FREE GAZA banner on the Adeline overpass Saturday morning around 2 am to offer me his sandwich laughed and said he was Jewish when I told him I was vegetarian...I wish people would stop saying 'Jew' when they mean Israeli or Zionist because 9 out of 10 Jews voted against grandson of Hitlers banker 'W' serve the Neocon protection racket when conflating Jews w/ their nemesis Israel
12:15 at about 7 am I sat in the road when the Captain showed up and said I could no longer cross the driveway w/ my sign...after a half hour of doing my solo picket that all the real cops were cool with...driven away and 'cite released' at jail...661 Washington st...last I saw some workers were continuing to enter while others did not but they said we needed more pickets for ILWU to honor...when I told the cop who asked why I felt better now (handcuffed in back of his car) I said 'Because I'm not killing Gazans' he said d"Got it" nicer than talking to 'friends' sending people away from the action happening NOW
11:01am just got arrested there and it's still happening at gate 55-56...don't let em get away...union will honor picket if enough numbers
10:38 Cop' Why do you feel better now?...Me (handcuffed in back of squad car) because I'm not killing Gazans...Cop; Got it.
10:32 am I just got 'cite released' for sitting in roadway because we didn't have enough pickets for union to respect...
9:20 am IT"S HAPPENING RIGHT NOW!!! get the hell down to gate 55-56!!!
Zim liner is now loading at gate 55-56...WE NEED MORE PICKETS THERE
9:18 am why wait for tomorrow...Zim liner is NOW loading w/o enough pickets for union to respect...I just got arrested and 'cite released at gate 55
9:01 am It's happening right now at gate 55-56...I just got carted away by OPD for sitting in the driveway and 'cite released...court date 10-20-14 dept 107 at 661 Washington st
8:55 am they need more pickets at gate 55-56 right now.the gate next to shoreline park...picket wasn't enough when I got arrested there for sitting in the road and 'cite-released'
by Greg Allen Getty
Monday Aug 18th, 2014 8:07 PM
Call 925-746-1168, the tracks vigil pager (and enter your phone number), to contact myself or Nuremberg far we have consensus to endorse our non-violent blockade of genocide in Gaza at the Oakland Port
by DJ Mouse
Tuesday Aug 19th, 2014 3:22 PM
8-19-14 Mouse Report