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Protestors at anti-RimPac war games in Hawaii
by DLi
Sunday Jul 20th, 2014 8:07 PM
Yesterday, despite the forecast of heavy rains from Tropical Storm Wali boring down on Hawaii island, 15 spirited citizen-activists braved the morning downpours to hold a lively public protest of the U.S.-led Rim Pac military exercises, at the Hilo(ITO) airport. Large colorful signs, posters and banners on both sides of Hwy 11 greeted residents and visitors alike, in a highly visible show to educate the Public that the USA military is an illegal occupying force--ever since Uncle Sam's armed Marines supported "regime change" in 1893 and deposed a democratically-elected government in these Hawaiian islands...
The Rim Pac(Rim of the Pacific) military exercises are held every two years, in part to test USA empire's newest offensive war toys. But Washington also invites other Pacific nations to participate, so that their "co-operation" in these war games is taken by the Washington regime to mean the implicit endorsement by those governments of the illegal status of the continuing U.S. occupation of Hawaii. Increasingly, however, kanaka maoli--native Hawaiian--activists and astute Peace supporters recognize the devious intent of these bi-annual war games, which are meant in any case to turn the Pacific into an American "lake," dominated by massive US naval and air power.

Significantly, even though the anti-RimPac protest was carried out by a small number of citizen-activists, the message was loud and clear, that the Public is clearly more educated by the day, understanding that unbridled USA Militarism can only bring future Blowbacks(diplomatically, financially and in myriad other unpredictable ways). For more details on potential backlash, read the revealing book by the late Univ. of Calif. professor Chalmers Johnson's acclaimed, "Dismantling the Empire: America's Last Best Chance."

Also check out the live video feed of the protest at,

Peace and Imua(forward)!