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Affordable Housing
by eric
Friday Jul 18th, 2014 2:07 PM
Asking the mayor to consider bunker style housing as a solution to affordable housing for homeless; 200-300 bunk beds at $200 a month = profit for state instead of wasted money on programs that don't work, no more missions enslaving people, no more real estate investors making life impossible, no more cops treating homeless like criminals, and a sense of community restored.
Letter to representative district #3

As a recently homeless person in San Francisco I can attest it is hard to make ends meet here. On the streets it seems I have the choice of allowing a mission to treat me like a prisoner or to be harassed by cops and others and swept into hiding somewhere that is likely to be concrete and covered in piss. furthermore there is no place for people to congregate which gives safety in numbers and allows a nights rest without looking over your shoulder, but also gives a sense of community to someone who desperately needs it.

My purpose is this: please consider bunker style housing. just like a mission except without the curfew and enforced chapel service. the state can even make money off of it; 250 bunk beds for $200 a month is even more profitable than using that same space for apartments. and anyone can afford that.

a lot of people end up on the streets or doing drugs which lead them to the street just to get a sense of community and live with each other instead of next to each other; it's hard for many to adjust back to societies way of life after being on the streets.

Bunker style housing kills three birds with one stone; affordable housing no longer an issue, clean the streets of homeless and potential drug users leaving needles on the sidewalk, and restores a sense of community.