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Did Judges overlook racist conduct of Tenderloin Housing Randy Shaw/ Krista Gaeta?
by N. Holmes
Monday Jul 7th, 2014 10:01 PM
The actual racist conduct of Executive Director Randy Shaw and Krista Gaeta has been prevented from being introduced as evidence in this discrimination and retaliation case based on Title VII and 42 U.S.C. 1981. The U.S. Supreme Court denied review petition last month.
What' s next - sue the judges ?
Be it Donald Sterling or Randy Shaw -they will always get the go ahead in this corrupt system
. In racial discrimination lawsuit -the complete history of racist acts should be considered.
According to the court records Shaw's attorney asked the Judge in this case to preclude Holmes from using evidence from a Union mediated settlement agreement - signed by Randy Shaw. So much for the so called power broker of the Tenderloin. What happened to fairness in the courtroom? This smells of friends helping friends.
Why does the local media keep this news from being published in it's paper. Randy Shaw gets millions of dollars from the city and county of San Francisco - and nothing in print in the Examiner, Bay Guardian, SF Weekly nor SF Chronicle.
Nat Holmes speaking out at Tenderloin Housing Clinic cost him his job - I believe Randy Shaw friends at the courthouse did what they had to do to protect his racist actions toward Holmes. Holmes should contact his reps in Washington to complain until he exposes Shaw and this Krista person - who continues to collect federal monies for his non-profit. Corruption is big time in San Francisco with the city government covering up for the lackeys like Randy Shaw.
Mr. Holmes - whatever you do please continue your fight for justice because most people give up. How can these judges dismiss actual racist conduct of an employer from being admitted as evidence and dismiss a Title 7 lawsuit. the federal courts are given the powers to give you relief.
What is the name of this judge and what court jurisdiction did this happen?
Randy Shaw ties to these judges must be kept confidential and this other person Krista Gaeta has a position with Shaw's non profit Tenderloin Housing Clinic. Holmes should do whatever he needs to do to expose this judge - though the decision has been rendered. Judge Phyllis Hamilton was appointed by Bill Clinton and was the judge that gave Mr. Shaw and Ms. Gaeta a break.
Congress has prohibited racial discrimination in the workplace for employers with 150 employees and for employers receiving funds from the federal government. Shaw's Tenderloin Housing Clinic receives millions from the city and county of San Francisco. The court records will show that Judge Phyllis Hamilton decided that Mr. Shaw's racist conduct was irrelevant and dismissed Holmes case. It appears that this judges did what she could to hide Mr Shaw's actual conduct. What about the conduct of this Krista person? It may be difficult but what do Holmes have to lose - who knows he could get a review of his lawsuit and win it. Keep hope alive - fight Racism !!