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Direct Actions in Germany - a list of recents
by Links
Monday Jul 7th, 2014 3:46 PM
List and description of recent direct Actions in Germany (machine translation)
Actions were carried out in 2010 Nationwide took place and from anti-militarist and anti-fascist motivation.

As explained already in our last article (Actions 2008 Part 4), we will skip 2009, and continue the documentation of 2010.


Flared DHL van
Berlin November 16, 2010

Unknown sat early Tuesday morning a DHL van on fire. No one was injured.

The police arrived just in time. On early Tuesday morning, unknown persons set fire to a DHL van in the Thaerstrasse in Friedrichshain. Officials of a police patrol discovered the fire and could see the fire with a fire extinguisher aboard ersticken.Das vehicle was severely damaged, the extent of material damage is still act unknown. No one was injured. A political motive for the arson is not excluded. Therefore, now determines the state protection.

Source: BZ

Color against war memorials
Ruhr November 14, 2010

Every year in the middle of November, the Germans give as a state "Memorial Day" saddened "their" fallen soldiers of the German wars. We have spent the nights on the 13 and 14 November 2010, being the "Memorial Day", which places this distortion of history violently attacked in parallel in ten places in the Ruhr.

Hardly a place where not any ugly memorial stone is dropped a wreath in which not for a moment once political differences are set aside, when it comes to be as a people "one" in mourning. The fact that not only always a vague drawing of the victims and perpetrators of the German way is hired by the story, but it is explicit (and successful) strategy of "World Champion with the past", the lying in his area of ​​responsibility victim-offender relationship is, it as an aggressor of World War I, to relativize the campaign of destruction against the people of Eastern Europe in the Second World war or in the Shoah, through their leveling under the "victims of war, violence and displacement", has been analyzed in other places too well. We have spent the nights on the 13 and 14 November 2010, being the "Memorial Day", which places this distortion of history violently attacked in parallel in ten places in the Ruhr.
In Haltern am See, on the northern edge of the Ruhr area, the "memorial" along with all other rocks, benches and the chapel gate and font plates was generously bathed in brilliant pink. One of dropped from the town holders wreath was destroyed and removed and the word "German perpetrators are not victims" attached to the chapel.
In Unna, the eastern edge of the Ruhr area, two monuments in pink were immersed.
It has also hit the south of it a monument in Fröndenberg and at the north-eastern edge of the Ruhr region two monuments in Hamm.
In Mülheim, the south-western edge of the Ruhr area, two war memorials have been given a color coat of paint. This action was supplemented with an anti-militarist slogan.
Right in the middle in this area is still defined by our actions shine two monuments in Lünen in quietschigem pink. The usual reports shocked the local grease guns (possibly including photos) may be added in the course as a supplement below.

The Ruhr area has become more and more of a common area of autonomous and radical left-wing policies in recent weeks. We want to attach to this development by We proclaim our coordinated action as a starting point of a militant campaign against the ethnic nationalism of the Germans and the distortion of history. As we will continue to be on the road at night and fog, we call on you, in the period from 14 to 28 November, the gehauenne in stone of history of the German attack in the Ruhr and mutually towards each relate to the actions as a campaign to that them as a special regrettable stay this year "Memorial Day" in memory. The attached below cards can be used to in extension. Let's see how much we get together!

Autonomous & left-wing action groups from the region Ruhr


Tarred and feathered war memorial
Oldenburg July 26, 2010

Attack on the War Memorial: Unknown have tarred and feathered the so-called Artillery Hall of Honor at the Buda road. The perpetrators defaced the building, the open hall and located next to the memorial stones with tar color and pelted them with feathers.

As has only now known, the incident played in the night from Friday to. The NWZ? was taking a claim of responsibility. In the with "command Andi, NRW", signed letter from the demolition of all Bundeswehr cenotaphs and the dissolution of the partnership between the Bundeswehr and city of Oldenburg is required.

Because of the presumed political background of the property, damage to the national security of the police has started investigations. The competent officials go stand at present, by the perpetration of a left-wing extremist group. A connection with the attack on the memorial stone of Leobschützer (Peter Street) end of March is not seen. As reported, the monument was then smeared with mortar. In the current case, the perpetrators resorted to black tar paint.

The war memorial in the green area on the present site of the college dates back to 1921. Architect K. Boschen designed it on the floor plan of a Greek cross as a brick hall with a final flat dome. The monument in the former stud farm garden of the former artillery barracks commemorates the fallen in World War artillerymen.

The authority responsible for the maintenance of the monument college expects costs of an estimated 5,000 to 6,000 euros for the cleaning of the soiled facade.

Source: NWZ Online

Repainted DHL parcel stations
Berlin, Cologne, Tübingen, Wuppertal August 29, 2010

In several cities, including Berlin, Cologne, Tübingen and Wuppertal numerous packet stations were in the last week repainted and the German Post DHL characterized as still reigning German Army logistics.
The war business is booming. For many companies, the multi-faceted business with the war is the central driving force in times of economic uncertainty. This also applies to date, where production in some industries (initially) to pick up again. But what does that have to do with Deutsche Post - DHL was not long ago "dropped" from the business of war?

Remember: In November last year, the DHL withdrew her application to the billions mission of the Bundeswehr. "The risks associated with the job were considered too large" It initially remained only two candidates in the race for the ten-year contract (!): (A) a joint venture from the aerospace and defense group EADS and the logistics company Hellmann and (B) the German Deutsche Bahn subsidiary DB Schenker in cooperation with the armor specialist company ESG. In the spring of this year should stand, who operates 16 future material warehouse with approximately 2,000 civilian Federal employees, and takes over the worldwide transport of Bundeswehr war supplies in the next missions abroad. The start of the handover should be initiated on July 1.

But Guttenberg's transformation plans for the Bundeswehr provide the choice and number of logistics centers in question and throw so that the contractual conditions for the full-scale war aid mission to the ground. The procedure must be new. What is certain is that a new contract greater significance is still to come, because despite the reduction in troop levels to get more soldiers of the Bundeswehr to be involved in more missions abroad. More flexibility, more combat missions, more war logistics.

However, the reformulation of the logistics contract, will be a while in coming. The plans for a far-reaching restructuring of the Bundeswehr apparatus are indeed on the table. On the military leadership level to respond with but with reluctance on the "too radical" transformation intentions. Possible extensive inventory fuse for the "own" military unit is the motto and that ensures the internal friction reduction projects.

Meanwhile, everything is in terms of ongoing wars the old. The DHL supplies both the Bundeswehr and the other NATO troops with equipment and war in Afghanistan and also in Iraq's biggest war and "reconstruction" logistics. The contracts of Deutsche Post DHL with the Bundeswehr on the supply of light equipment and field posts are made also continue as the wholesale department "Military Affairs". An exit from the business of war looks different!

The maps for further privatization of war logistics are reshuffled!
(Even before a new award procedure) DHL continues on the fingers (sc) hit!

Color and stones against houses of Verteitigungspolitiker
Berlin, Hamburg, Kiel, September 1, 2010

They call themselves "AG ass card for the pocket card", and they have it in for Germany's defense politicians. In a letter, which is now lodged at the MOPO, the Group is committed to the ink attack on the houses of Burkhardt Müller-Sönksen (FDP) and two other federal politicians. And: the AG calls for further attacks "against all Krieger_innen" on.

The House of Müller-Sönksen (Niendorf) had been pelted at night to Monday with stones and colored glass (MOPO reported). At the same time the office of Hellmut royal house (Berlin) and the home of Hans-Peter Bartels (Kiel) were attacked in a similar manner. Müller-Sönksen and Bartels (SPD) are members of the 34-strong Defence Committee of the German Bundestag. King House (FDP) since May military officer of the German parliament.

The "AG ass card for the pocket card" sees in the three politicians "professionals for the war," the "einschwören their respective groups on the mandate of the parliamentary army" to extend in Afghanistan. The group accuses the policy, among other things, after the tanker bombing in Kunduz in September 2009, in which more than 140 people had lost their lives, to have "paused" not. The "mass murder" have no caesura represented, or even triggered a departure from the previous policy. Instead, the deployment of the Bundeswehr had been "continued and expanded."

The group's name refers to the so-called "pocket cards" explain the soldiers the exact rules for their use. In the final sentence of the letter claiming it is said: "Imitation against all Krieger_innen, Lobbyist_innen etc. are urgently required."
Burkhardt Müller-Sönksen can the attack on his house not explain: "I have absolutely no idea how the are just occurred to me. I am a very, very normal member of the defense committee. "

Meanwhile, there has been in on Tuesday night a paint bomb attack on the FDP headquarters (Rother tree). Unknown threw yellow and blue paint on the windows. Whether a connection with the previous attacks, there is unclear.

Source: Morgenpost

Bundeswehr torched car and drive from Hamburg CDU boss Frank Schira
Hamburg September 6, 2010

On Monday morning, the series of arson attacks on cars has continued in Hamburg. Four vehicles were in Harvestehude district in flames. In the Sophienterrasse a Saab Convertible, a VW Golf Cabrio, a VW Polo and VW Passat Bundeswehr burned out completely, as NDR 90,3 reported. Three other vehicles were damaged by the fire.

From the arson also Hamburg CDU boss Frank Schira was affected. The Chairman of the CDU parliamentary group confirmed that the car his wife was burned out. Next he did not want to comment on that.

No one was injured. Investigators from arson. Of the perpetrators so far no trace, an immediate search was unsuccessful. The amount of damage there is no information.
Car of Shiraz burned wife

According to the report, local residents were torn from 4.50 clock by an explosion from sleep. A security guard had seen running away two black-clad and masked people and then alerted police and fire departments. Witnesses who can provide information on the arson, asks the police to contact the state police under the Telefonnufnummer 040/4286 56789 or any other law enforcement agency in connection. For information leading to the elucidation of Fire series, offering a reward of up to 20,000 euros is suspended.

In the night Friday to a total of 19 cars were set on fire in Othmarschen, Billstedt, Jenfeld and Barmbek-south. Since the beginning of the year in Hamburg burned more than 100 cars.

Source: ndr

Flared DHL van
Berlin September 15, 2010

The following statement was sent to us:

"We have carried out an anti-militarist action in Berlin-Neukölln in the early morning of September 15. We carry a fraction of the wars that leads the German army back into town. DHL is part of the German war effort in Afghanistan. The burning DHL Transportation in the Lichtenrader road should remember.
Security strategists and the press may be content to travel because in 2010 burn fewer cars in Berlin. This withdrawal of the escalation does not mean that we can not at any time present nightly columns of smoke. Greetings to the car racing league in Hamburg.
Germany in the back drop! Dissolve German unity celebration in Bremen in smoke!

Autonomous Group "Kunduz" "

Lower stone sprayed with Parole
Bremen September 29, 2010

The 18-meter-high stone on the Lower Weyersberg has been smeared again at the weekend. Unlike previous incidents, the perpetrators of this time were very planned before: With the help of a template they sprayed a politically motivated slogan on and pelted the Lower stone with jam jars, which were filled with white color.

The Worpswede Foundation has placed a complaint. When the Lower stone was placed in 1915 in order, it was originally conceived as a winner monument. After the defeat in the First World War the principal Ludwig Roselius, a Bremen merchant and patron of the arts, as well as the contractor changed architect Bernhard Hoetger their plans: was from the war glorify Monument, a memorial to the fallen of the First World War - from the planned nude youth was an eagle.

Source: Weserkurier

Arson attack on Bundeswehrbus
Dresden October 22, 2010

On the night of Friday, a stop has been perpetrated on a vehicle of the Bundeswehr in the Leipzig suburb in Dresden. The bus was parked at the Peace Street / corner Fritz-Reuter-street outside the Grand City Hotel Dresden. Then suddenly blew the right front wheel counter clock 1.45. Even before the arrival of the fire brigade, the police succeeded to extinguish the fire with a dry powder extinguisher. The state police took over the investigation for arson.

Source: dnn-online

Color against war memorial
Peißenberg November 20, 2010

m period between 20.11.10/18.00 clock to clock 21.11.10/16.00 the tufa wall was splattered on the war memorial in the main street with red color. A previously unknown perpetrators threw a bottle filled with paint against the monument, which broke, and the color distributed in size from about 1.40 mx 1.40 m.

The amount of loss is estimated from the market town of about 500 €.


Stormed reservists meet and greet
Hanover December 8, 2010

On Wednesday, December 8, the working group security policy of student Reservist Hanover organizing from 19 clock information and a meet and greet in a pub. On flyers and on the Internet was announced: "We are looking forward to new and old faces and look forward to your participation!"
To 19.45 clock it looked as if only a hand full of reservists would show interest, but then it was still in the expected active participation.

Approx. 20 Antimilitarist_innen boarded under the eyes of baffled other Restaurantbesucher_innen the meeting room. Snowballs and "soldiers are murderers" Mini Flyers met the brave comrades, Gepöbel and cries rang out and the characteristic learning evening was always hilarious. The "new faces emerged" brought a murder humor to the occasion offered. In a rush not designed for such space was a bit tight, but the anti-militarist Besucher_innen could quickly remedy the situation. Tables were tilted to one side, chairs and glasses flying through the air.
The reservists act of participation in such a lively but then somehow not so enthusiastic.
Disappointed by the speechlessness of the hosts that are not even invited in their unfriendly way of drinks that Antimilitarist_innen left the scene he prefers with the announcement like to come over again.
Opportunities to offer it soon:

Wednesday, December 15, 2010 18.30 clock
Traditionally, we meet to go over the Weihnachtsmarkt Hannover and pause to remember with a warm drink the past year.
Meeting point is the main entrance to the Market Church (corner of Hanns-Lilje-Platz / Knochenhauerstraße).

Monday, December 27, 2010 8 clock
This year is traditionally made ​​in the main station to drive to the train the starting point of the march. Mulled wine, canned soups and Esbit stove not forget!

From January Stammtisch possibly again in 19 clock extraction Hahnenstr. 3

Source: ...

Arson attack on Rose pavilion in front of German army bivouac
Hanover June 22, 2010

As the local Hanover newspapers can be seen, there was Monday night an arson attack on the Rose Pavilion in City Park. This was during the summer bivouacs, a garden party of the 1st Armored Division, used as a VIP area. According to the bourgeois press, the investigators found a letter on the spot. "The content suggests that the perpetrator or perpetrators of the left scene could have come," said a police spokesman.? The damage will amount to 100,000 euros, according to initial estimates.

The content of the letter is not clearly specified. Only the IMAGE executes, it was a "document of opponents of the summer bivouacs."
Hannover general and Neue Presse go but also by an anti-militarist background. Besides writing, it is pointed out that it has already ordered last year an attempt to ignite the Rose Pavilion.
"Immediately after the attack, known at that time members of the left scene to the act, claiming that there had been a protest against the imminent summer bivouac of the 1st Armored Division with 6,000 invited guests."
The NP-front-page headline reads: "arson attack in the city park - Rose Pavilion in flames 100 000 euro damage protest against German army bivouac..?"

The summer bivouac, which is on August 7 take place this year, is a garden festival, which is organized by the 1st Armored Division and the city of Hannover. Around 6,000 guests from the high-society, as well as military personnel gather every year to "Europe's most beautiful garden party". It is the largest annual event, which is organized under the sponsorship of the city with the Bundeswehr. The bivouac is the increasing acceptance of the Armed Forces and their military missions. The 1st Armored Division is of the back are strengthened - especially in view of the fact that it takes over the function of the Leitdivision in Afghanistan from 2011.
For 5 years, there are protest and resistance against the nauseating Abfeiern of war and military security of a crisis-ridden capitalism.
The resistance has so far grown and become confrontational. While the central protest grew from 150 to 400 Teilnehmer_innen, the German armed forces suffered a drop of several hundred guests. Last year there was next to the confrontational designed, designed for disturbance rally some direct action.
This year is called by a broad alliance of autonomous groups and to disrupt the bivouac. The central point is this, as in the last years, the rally and demonstration in front of the city park. August 7 17:30 Theodor-Heuss-Platz.
An overview of the protests of the past few years as well as information on the current mobilization there under

Indybericht to last year:

HAZ on the arson attack: ...

Source: Indymedia

Attack on DB Schenker
Kiel June 2, 2010

The following statement was released on the Internet:

"We have spent the night of June 2 premises of the Deutsche Bahn subsidiary" "attacked DB Schenker in Kiel Gaarden-south with rocks and butyric acid.

The company DB Schenker is currently applying as a logistics partner of the German Bundeswehr for weapons, tanks and other heavy military equipment. We bring this attack our call to DB & "Schenker" expressed immediately withdraw from the war business!

Otherwise, both are equally targeted militant actions such as the post-Tocher DHL.
Next we refer to the held in Salzau & Kiel in September "CELLER Trialog".
Will continue, not only in Kiel, every effort of economic and military cooperation, our counterpoint entgegenschlagen!

Alliance between business & military declare war!


militant group cooking keel "

Qelle: Indymedia

Color and stones against post office
Berlin April 8, 2010

The slice of a post office was destroyed early today in Friedenau by unknown. The perpetrators threw around 3 clock 40, the disc of the branch in the Handjerystraße with small paving stones, in order subsequently to throw filled with color bulbs in the interior of the building. On the façade lettering was sprayed.

As a political motivation of the act is not excluded, the Police State Protection of the State Criminal Investigation Department has taken the further investigations.

Source: Police Scores

Arson attack on post 12 cars torched
Drensteinfurt April 19, 2010

Ahlener newspaper receives Confessor internal letter:

A previously unknown militant group, the "peaceable PhilatelistInnen and anti-militarist activists" called, has announced on Tuesday to the arson attack on the Post subsidiary DHL in Drensteinfurt. In the declared "open letter" letter received in the editorial office of our newspaper in the morning, the group justifies its "campaign, comprehensive resistance '" (comprehensive resistance) with the "commitment of the Group as militaristic service".

The "immediate cause for the campaign has been the application of Deutsche Post / DHL by a major order from the Bundeswehr, the privatization of their logistics base," it said in the letter of confession. Forensic experts have examined the letter in the afternoon, results are not yet available. In the investigation next to the state police and the state security has turned on.

Attorney Wolfgang Schweer said in the afternoon, the letter lying "albeit a confused kind of ideology" basis. He saw himself confirmed after reading in his assumption that move the originators of the fact in the extreme left-wing milieu. The investigators will compare the letter now with similar letter from Berlin, Hamburg and Lüneburg.

There Unknown had several armed attacks on DHL vehicles in the past. "The sender of the mail had been accused of being involved in the war in Afghanistan," Schweer said. DHL handles the transportation of military equipment to Afghanistan for the Bundeswehr.

The "peaceable PhilatelistInnen and anti-militarist activists" state in their three-page letter, they wanted to "make connection between civilian companies and the German Armed Forces to a broad public visible" action the and the "win the war face a incalculable possible damage to their image." The "scrapping the fleet of Deutsche Post / DHL" show in Drensteinfurt that the authors were not ready, "the group management from the responsibility" to dismiss.

In the arson attack on the distribution of the post in Drensteinfurt on Sunday eight transport vehicles had gone up in flames, and four more were damaged. The damage amounts according to post information on around 500,000 euros.

Source: AZ

-------------------------------------------------- ------

The prosecutor in Münster believed that it is the fire of the twelve postbuses early Sunday morning in Drensteinfurt is a politically motivated attack. The material damage is now estimated at EUR 500 000.

There was no claim of responsibility, said chief prosecutor Wolfgang Schweer from Munster yesterday on WN request. But the investigators of state security and state police went first of all assume that it could be the act of a left-wing extremist group. "The DHL is targeted by left-wing extremists. They accuse the Post subsidiary to support the Bundeswehr mission in Afghanistan logistically, "explained Schweer.

In Hamburg and Berlin, there have already been similar attacks against DHL. "That's why we suspect that this attack is classified in that series," said Wolfgang Schweer on. "But we determine course in other directions.

Initial investigations at the scene revealed that several incendiary devices were detonated. How many, like the chief prosecutor of "determination tactical reasons" not betrayed. But the perpetrators would have had prior knowledge. A certain degree of professionalism is to be recognized.

Source: People's Daily Münsterländische

Slashed 56 tires of cars Post
Brandenburg / Havel, April 22, 2010

The following statement was sent to us:

"Good day,

we have in the night from 21.4 to 22.4. 2010 in the city of brandenburg mature by several DHL - flat razor transporters. we hereby greet the years Annual General Meeting of the German post / German defense logistics (DHL), the 2010 frankfurt takes place on April 28th at the main, and support all critical shareholders and shareholder inside and anti militarists the numerous and anti-militarists, as for the stepped out of the corporate military transport logistics occur. we support the requirements of the initiative "undertake civilian post-2011" with their suggestions for year-agm:

1 the closure of the logistics industry "military affairs BW / Nato"

2 the termination of the existing contract with the Bundeswehr since 2002 on the global transportation easier military equipment up to 50 kg and the field-post

3, the cancellation of all war-supportive actions in Iraq and Afghanistan

4 the exclusively civilian use DHL air freight hub at Leipzig / Halle Airport

It's about the complete getting out of the war business.
It's about getting out of the war.
we say, "deliver from Afghansitan is responsible"

"Believe the lie the mighty (Merkel) not when they are looking for arguments, in order to legitimize the war." WHILE the federal investigations against colonel georg small and first sergeant markus wilhelm, two of the responsible of the bombing of two tanker trucks in Kunduz / afghanistan, by the Bundeswehr, in which at least 142 people have been killed, including many civilians, ceased after 7 months of inquiries at are anti-militarists / inside, like the bamm the group because of a flying leaf in which it is called upon at the cenotaph
bunde very bubbly to drink when the next soldier in Afghansitan "falls", criminalized and a bookstore searches in berlin "evidence forward" after. that's absurd: there are those who kill 142 people in afghanistan, absolved of any responsibility, and those against the war in afghanistan in a satirical fashion position and criticize the hero worship of the German soldiers, criminalized and persecuted. we will not accept and we also believe that more and more people in this country will turn against the war.
we greet in this context, all anti-militarists / inside with its actions against the German land forces logistics (DHL), the Bundeswehr, the war and capitalism.

autonomous association "mature flat"

P. S. we are vets; resembled more and come back and still want a pleasant day

22.4.2010 "

Unknown gunmen have pierced the night of Thursday to 24 vehicles of Deutsche Post in Brandenburg / Havel tires.

According to police, 56 tires were damaged. The damage could amount to several thousand euros, police said. On Thursday afternoon, pleaded guilty to a mail sent to various media mail an "autonomous organization" tire flat "" to the action. With it, they turn against the use of courier and cargo service DHL for military purposes such as in Afghanistan and Iraq. DHL handles the transportation of military equipment to Afghanistan for the Bundeswehr from logistically.
Last Sunday twelve transport vehicles of postal logistics subsidiary DHL had gone up in flames in an arson attack on a company's premises of Deutsche Post in Drensteinfurt (Münster). The damage is estimated at EUR 500 000. According to the investigators committed left-wing extremists to stop.
The Post Group was accused of supporting the Afghanistan mission of the Armed Forces, said a senior prosecutor. Now it is checked whether the Attorney General takes over the investigation.

Source: nonstop-news

Arson attack on car of the Deutsche Bahn
Berlin April 24, 2010

The following statement was sent to us:

"Respect and Compensation for Nazi forced labor - now!
Compensation instead Arrivakauf!

Arson attack on car of the Deutsche Bahn
Berlin April 24, 2010

The following statement was sent to us:

"Respect and Compensation for Nazi forced labor - now!
Compensation instead Arrivakauf!

Our militant intervention supports the demand for compensation for victims of the Nazi regime and their families. The entire German society has benefited from the war and not compensation payments from today. Germany owes Greece alone from the forced loans and not paid reparations $ 14 billion. It behaves just inhumane, cruel and arrogant as Nazi Germany towards the victims. It sets out that the victims die as soon as possible, which is then called a biological solution.

For the social revolution-for communism!
Distomo / Civitella Crew Berlin "


Set fire to two cars in the DB have committed in Prenzlauer Berg unknown. A passerby noticed on Friday evening, the burning vehicles in a parking lot in the Greifenhagener road. On a car the man managed to extinguish the flames by hand. The fire on the second vehicle was deleted from the Berlin Fire Department. The police suspect behind the arson attack a political background. The state security has opened an investigation.

It would not be the first politically motivated attack on the German railway. Several times burned cars of the company. So in January 2009, five train cars were set on fire in Friedrichshain. Shortly thereafter, "Ultra-left-anarcho-autonomists" known in a letter claiming responsibility for the attack. The reason they gave to protest against the "arrest of nine comrades" in France, which had damaged several railway lines with hook claws in advance of a Castor transport. "As long as the German train makes its rail network for Castor transports available, the Group will also be target of our protest again and again," it was then called in the letter.

In Nobember 2009 then set fire to the unknown in Lichtenberg at five Mercedes van Deutsche Bahn AG in Berlin. Exactly at the same time burning in Hamburg-Altona six vans the web. Also in this case was a head shipped at two Berlin newspapers by e-mail anonymous letter claiming to militant anti-nuclear activists close as perpetrators.

Today Saturday, tens of thousands of nuclear power opponents in several places in Germany, especially in northern Germany, expected to protests.

Source: Morgenpost

Attacked compulsory military service
Berlin February 24, 2010

Suddenly and unexpectedly, a man attacked yesterday afternoon a member of the Armed Forces in a Berlin bus line 237 at. The uniformed 21-year-old was accompanied by his girlfriend, 17 against clock 30 in the bus towards Staaken, when the complete surprise crashed so far unknown to the conscripts, choked him and asked how he could kill Afghan or Arab children.

Several passengers came to the aid of the young man and tore off the attacker. Alarmed police officers arrested the apparently confused man. He came for inpatient treatment in a hospital, the victim was slightly injured. The young woman went into shock. The investigation took over the Police State Protection of the State Office of Criminal Investigation.

Source: Police Scores

Color on Soldatendenkmal
Bremen May 7, 2010

Ahead of May 8, the anniversary of the surrender of the German Wehrmacht in World War 2 and thus the liberation from fascism, anti-fascist activists have perpetrated a "stop" with red paint on the soldiers monument in the Waller highway in Bremen-Walle.

The red color stands representative for both the shed blood of murdered by the German national community and its allies in the Holocaust and World War II, millions of people, and for the countless sacrifices of the Allied Soldat_innen, Partisann_innen and Widerstandskämpfer_innen.
The activists went with their action but do not simply pay attention to the past. The causes and conditions of fascism are to be found in the still prevailing bourgeois society and the factors that determine product ratios. This not only produces time and again misery, suffering and war internally and externally but also their biggest fans: the Nazis. This, with the authoritarian character as a mass social base, have on the prevailing false freedom only suspend, they do not consistently and appropriately enough executed the compulsion of social relations and thus drive the existing total shit turned delusional to the extreme.
Anti-fascism, he wants to be successful, must therefore be a pure defensive struggle and must also be directed against the social causes he has to go all or nothing.
It is therefore essential both to try the normal operation of the capitalist states to the final stumbling than to bring his worst excesses, to fight the Nazis.
State, nation, capital, shit. Never again Germany!

Source: Indymedia

Paint attack on Navy ship
Hamburg May 9, 2010

Red spots on the Frigate "Hamburg": young people have thrown on Saturday afternoon filled with paint jars against the warship. The frigate had come to mark the 821st birthday of the port to Hamburg.

After the paint attack the young men fled first. However, the Bundeswehr Military Police they made shortly thereafter in the crowd of revelers identified and handed them over to the police. The color thrower must now face criminal charges.

Protest against the participation of warships in the harbor birthday there on Sunday: Around 40 members of anti-militarist organizations distributed pamphlets. "The German Army is at war, and the defense industry supports them. We reject the advertising performances from the Bundeswehr as well as their war operations," says initiatives spokeswoman Christin Bernhold.

Source: Abenblatt

Color against Volksbank hall
Ball Ingen May 14, 2010

Throughout the week, anti-militarist activists committed * inside a color bomb attack on the new Volksbank hall on the Balinger fairgrounds.
In December 2009, a color and stone attack was perpetrated on the exhibition hall (see info portal Tübingen / Reutlingen).

The exhibition hall was last November as the venue for the Youth Orchestra Competition of the Bundeswehr "BW Musix". The Bundeswehr was intended with this action as early as possible recruitment of young people for the Bundeswehr service.

Even before Antimilitarist mobilized groups to protest against the Bundeswehr action (see info portal Tübingen / Reutlingen). However, any form of counter-activities were prevented (see info portal Tübingen / Reutlingen) An enormous police large contingent.

Balingen to serve in the future as a permanent venue for the annual Youth Orchestra Competition. Thus are also in this year's "BW Musix" are again discharged at Volksbank hall.

It is important to this project determined to stand in his way!


Source: Indymedia

Color attack on Bundeswehr
Bad Oeynhausen 19 May, 2010

The following statement was sent to us:

"Color Your World Against War advertisers, warmongers and war criminals. Vocational beginners fair in Bad Oeynhausen ended for the Bundeswehr, before it began.

Shortly before the start of training place market "Step One" on the Aqua Magica terrain soaked a large group of activists the Info truck and a military jeep the army recruiter with gallons of blood-red color, preparing today's military recruiting directly from. The cab was opened and set with "fire extinguishers" under color. Then the trailer and parked next to the military vehicle were stained inside and out. The reaction of the soldiers was restrained. The activists were able to leave the scene easily. A police helicopter circled after 20 minutes in vain over the place.

The massacre of the Bundeswehr on 4 September 2009 Kunduz has become deeply ingrained in our consciousness. Colonel Georg Klein ordered the bombing of the crowd around the Stuck tanker "destruction" (his words) of "up to" 142 people. The ministerial cleanups were done quickly: Three heads of the political and military leadership were dropped to "cover up" the lie of the new War Minister Guttenberg left. Colonel Klein goes unpunished. Each / r dead should be compensated by checking the authorization of about 4000 euro.

The public's dismay over this a hundred times the murder was used to we include the little war-loving people in Germany in mind that Germany is at war and that this was "colloquial" is more than peace-locking wells drilling.

If Bundeswehr reservists "help out" as a marshal in the marathon, when soldiers remove snow when they go on the side of the fire disaster protection inserts and "offer" hospital capacity, it is also about the presence and the "helpfulness" of the troops in to make the interior to the normal state. The Bundeswehr will be better equipped than the THW apply perspective and coordinate the civilian rescue workers at least in Not-/Katastrophenfall. This is more than just the "natural" to dominate access exception states quasi-military. This is also reflected on the image of the Bundeswehr in the non-state of emergency and is used to create acceptance.

This acceptance procurement is currently the most difficult but also most important military task. Not only because the recruitment of an army in combat with more and more internal returnees in zinc coffins is difficult. But also because wars of aggression without sufficient support in the population are not in the long run. And the long run is clearly intended: War Minister Guttenberg precaution announced last week that even after withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan a military "follow-up" to remain in the form of special forces in the country.

The advertising and youth officers of the Bundeswehr indicate 2009, nearly 300,000 students at high schools, elementary and secondary schools and vocational schools to have "reached". Professional and career fairs, as today's "Step One" in Bad Oeynhausen be grazed systematically and with great effort. Benefit concerts and other military music festivals fish rather in the elderly population for recognition.
In the current, massive recruitment drive enter the still numerous military ceremonies and vows as a one-time strike in a public space almost in the background.

Fighting, playing music, promotional, professional sports driving soldiers are soldiers and thereby share responsibility for the daily murder of "civilian casualties", their share of the war dead now exceeds 90%.

"No forgiveness no forgetting!" - This also applies to current war crimes.
No Advertise for "destruction"!
Bundeswehr scrapping!

Kurgast of Maternus Clinic "

more pictures here: Indymedia, nw-news

Police report:

POL-HF: color stop to a wide truck of the Bundeswehr
Wages (ots) - On Wednesday, 19/05/2010, disguised, unknown perpetrators have committed by means of color a stop on the exhibition vehicles of the Bundeswehr.

As part of this year's training place market "Step One" on the grounds of the Aqua Magica in wages had, inter alia, the Bundeswehr set up an information booth for recruitment campaign in the outdoor area of ​​the event space.
Against 08.50 clock, just before the official opening of training fair stormed 11 masked people on the level of information and sprayed the vehicles there issued the Bundeswehr prepared using fire extinguishers with red color. The action of the still unknown perpetrators appeared to have been well prepared and deliberately carried out according to initial investigations.
Although to prevent the exhibition stand supervising soldiers immediately ran up to the group of people to the action, they could not prevent the rapid and effective intervention by activists. One of the soldiers involved was even sprayed with tear gas, he just wanted to alert the police with the phone. The entire incident lasted, according to witnesses scarce 1-2 minutes and just as quickly as they had come, the perpetrators left the scene again.
The police immediately with strong forces to search and track safety measures.
The state police protection Bielefeld takes over the further investigations.

Paint on the memorial for soldiers
Berlin March 12, 2010

Unknown have left at a memorial in Spandau political slogans.
In Spandau, unknown persons smeared a memorial to soldiers of the 1st World War with color on Thursday. The coated with black paint political slogans were discovered by officials at the monument in a park in the rod timber garden, police said on Friday. The Police State Protection has taken over the investigation.

Color bomb action as "Deutz AG"
Cologne March 8, 2010

The headquarters of "Deutz AG" in Cologne was attacked on the night of 7 to 8.3.2010 with paint bombs and embellished with slogans.
Cologne City Gazette Online:

Deutz AG "in Cologne-Kalk" During the night of 7 to 8 March 2010, the company headquarters was "attacked with paint bombs.

(Http:// attached to the building wall "- In addition, the slogans" No deals with the IRI "were" fighting Islamism and dictatorship "and" freedom for women in Iran Down with the dictatorship ". / 126418592255322.shtml)

The "Deutz AG" for quite some time diesel engines delivers to the Islamic Republic and is in close economic relations with the Pasdaran own company "Ghorb". The "Deutz-AG" thus directly supports the Pasdaran (Revolutionary Guards), which are the pillars of the mullah dictatorship and ensure the history of the IRI for the brutal crackdown of any dissident protests. Also currently it is the Pasdaran, enabling the streets of Tehran and other cities in Iran in militärdiktatorische states and behind the prison bars by torture and systematic rape for the elimination of the current protest movement - wants to make - which was created after the election fraud Ahmadinejad in June 2009.
The suspicion of economic relations between the "Deutz AG" and the IRI revealed a paper of the "German-Iranian Chamber of Industry and Commerce" on.

Down with the Islamic Republic! Solidarity with Iranian feminists!


Color against Nazi hangouts
Weiler / Söllingen November 26, 2010

- Linde attacked with paint bombs

Linde "Today was" "attacked with paint bombs Die." Linde "is a building in the hamlet (near Schorndorf) that the NPD -. Functionary and list candidate Jürgen Wehner belongs Although Wehner the restaurant license has been revoked, this property is still strong as an infrastructure of rights from all over Baden -. use Württemberg (see right there - Rock - concerts, there were posters for the election campaign of the NPD stored events were held, etc.)

We say: No retreat for fascists. We show with this symbolic action that Nazis can never undisturbed spread their inhuman propaganda in our neighborhood. It is important that fascists come across a broad social resistance. These are just the direct confrontation and consistent disclosure of their structures Nobody want to hide that fascists are not normal neighbors.

The bit of color was just the beginning.

So: Nazi's in every city - Makes gangs makes them flat!

Committed Normal Citizens for openness and tolerance "

Rössle attacked with paint
On Thursday, the Nazi center Rössle was attacked in Söllingen with Farbeuteln. In addition, the door locks were glued and the doors closed down temporarily using expanding foam. The Rössle is used by Nazi groups for right rock concerts, training and Prpagandaveranstaltungen since March.

Nazi attack centers - whether in Söllingen, hamlets or elsewhere!

Autonomous Trade Inspection

Source: Indymedia

Attack on JN-office
Halberstadt (resin) November 7, 2010

On the night of 06/11/2010 to 07/11/2010 discs were again destroyed in the Otto-man game-Straße 65. The owner Lothar Nehrig rented the premises, among others, the NPD, which operates a civil office there. In addition, the plot as the address for the Federal Bureau of "Young National Democrats" (JN) is specified. On October 23, there was also the Federal Congress of the "Ring of National Women" (RNF) instead.


Paint attack on fellow Villa "Orangerie"
Darmstadt November 7, 2010

Devastated Orangerie before liaison meetings

About 100 people have protested according to the police on Saturday against a meeting of fraternities and sororities in the Orangerie in Darmstadt. The night before the building was vandalized with paint strokes. The perpetrators smeared on the facade of the little castle several times with color, the inscription: "No room for Fraternities". The police estimated the damage at around 50,000 euros.

The attackers had thrown in on Friday night ten color-filled glasses against the south side of the orangery. This ten discs were destroyed. In addition, 50 more windows and the façade were stained by the color. Inside, curtains, walls and parquet floors were damaged. However, the student associations could hold their celebrations as planned according to the police in the rooms. We were not expecting about 200 old men and frat boys.

The student union of the TU Darmstadt and left-wing groups had the motto "The reaction spit beer" called to protest against the event. The demonstrators marched on Saturday afternoon from Luis square to the Orangery. The police spokesman said that it had come there to abusive shouts and insults, sporadically firecrackers were thrown. The situation had calmed down but soon again. The protest but had no effect on the event.

The anniversary event of the convention German academics Associations (CDA) was expected to take place in Frankfurt. However, after public protest, the Chamber of Commerce pulled the permit for the use of their rooms back. Then more of the Association in support of its so-called Akademikertag and subsequent Kommers on the Orangerie in Darmstadt. Leftist groups have announced counter-rallies and called for the resolution of compounds.
They criticize the "reactionary worldview" of corporations and throw them close to right-wing fraternities before. The Association defends itself against the allegations. "Right as left-wing extremists have no place at CDA," it says on the homepage. For Akademikertag "only ungescholtene citizens" would have access.

Source: NH24

Color stop to the "Sudeten German House"
Munich November 7, 2010

On the night of October 7, autonomous antifascists embellished the facade of the "Sudetendeuschen house" on Lily Mountain with paint bombs and sprayers land. This location was used in the past by various fraternities. Lately found here increasingly geschichtrevisionistische and anti-Semitic Vernastaltungen held, among other things, an event that dealt with the "anti-fascist blame for the second World War." At this point, we document an anonymous Bekenner_innenschreiben coursing in the left-wing scene in Munich for a few days:

"We have in the night on the 6th october the facade of the" embellished with color Sudeten-house "in munich. this is a regular meeting place for (old) nazis. there events with anti-Semitic and revisionist history content will take place again and again, most recently an event to the "anti-fascist guilty of the second world war". for us it is intolerable that nazis in the middle of downtown munich and elsewhere a publicly accessible platform for ihremenscheverachtende ideology is given.

comes all at 13:11. for antifa Actionday and makes the Nazi rally for disaster!

at all levels! With all convey!


Source: Indymedia

Smashed windows of FN middle Nazi
Berlin August 12, 2010

Unknown gunmen have last night to 2 clock 50 in the Lilienthalstraße in Kreuzberg two windows located on the 1st floor of an apartment inserted. Here, a tar-like substance was spilled, which was distributed in two rooms on the facade and two parked cars outside the house. Next to the house entrance, the perpetrators had the word "Nazi" smeared on the wall. The Police State Protection determined.

Source: Police Scores

Lives there Falk Isernhagen, Lilienthalstraße 16, first floor.

fight.back on

Born on 24.02.1992 Falk Isernhagen is rather slender shape. Currently, he is training for glass and building cleaners at the company G & S Building and Safety Service GmbH. He is about 4 years "in the scene" on the road, where he first really makes its appearance in the camaraderie FN Center. Before his time at the FN Center tried to catch up with the scene, which is now apparently succeeded him, who lives in Kreuzberg neo-Nazi long time. Together with the FN Center, he participated in a short period of time-resolved spontaneous demonstration in Charlottenburg on 1 May 2010. Two weeks later in Hallensee and at 29.05. in Bernau he was also present. In the parade of camaraderie Maerkisch Or Barnim in Bernau, Isernhagen appeared as folders in appearance - more precisely: he dabbled in that role, but was not taken up by the "comrades" for full. Isernhagen who follows in his spare time in the king's Wusterhausener Airsoftteam "Black Shadow Corporation" military terrain games is living in the family home in Lilienthalstraße 16 in 10965 Berlin. His room is on the first floor.

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