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Statement of leftists and anarchists on the confrontation in Ukraine
by avtonomia
Wednesday Jun 25th, 2014 9:19 AM
War against war! Statement of leftists and anarchists on the confrontation in Ukraine
War against war!
Statement of leftists and anarchists on the confrontation in Ukraine

In the ongoing conflict, we support neither Ukrainian government nor pro-Russian factions that established their authority on the portion of Luhansk and Donetsk oblasts. The working class (i.e. everyone who has neither power nor capital) is equally alien both to the concept of ​​unitary Ukraine and to the ideas of ​​”federalization” or creation of new states — these are merely the games of politicians, drawing blood from ordinary people. We, the left and the anarchists, should primarily adhere to the needs of the working class in the war-torn regions of Ukraine, protect their rights and freedoms.

Against LPR and DPR!

Donetsk and Luhansk “people’s republics” are a collection of warring right-wing juntas. Rights and freedoms, which are granted to the rest of Ukraine, are not available in the territories under their control. Public manifestation of political dissent is not possible there; worker rights activists who criticized DPR were kidnapped and tortured. Upon preservation of these regimes the working class will be completely deprived of any opportunity to defend their legal rights. The only possible form of the “left” activity in DPR and LPR is the ritual worship of Soviet symbols, which has nothing to do with the workers’ interests.

The reactionary regimes of DPR and LPR are not interested in peaceful solution, they aim at escalating the conflict even further, which is confirmed by the promises of their leaders to “get to Kharkov”, “to Kiev” and “to Lviv”.

Against the Ukrainian government!

Ukrainian authorities profit from war contracts, send war reservists and untrained conscripts to to the frontline of the civil war, and attempt to use the protracted military conflict to strengthen their positions. Contrary to the forced rhetorics of the unity between the government and people, we must resist all attempts to curtail social guarantees, political rights and freedoms, all manifestations of police and military violence, all the incitement of nationalist and religious prejudice among soldiers and common people. For the ruling class, war is the opportunity of a crackdown in political and social spheres. In struggle against the aggression of Putin’s regime and his satellites, Ukrainians should not neglect the danger of a “Putin” who can emerge in their own country.

After their victory over the “separatists”, whose position is doomed without the external military support, the strengthened Kiev regime will once again become a major threat to the working class. If the oppressed unite with the ruling class under the patriotic banners, the crackdown on human rights and freedoms, which was to be avoided by the Maidan, is inevitable under the new government. Parliament is comprised of the representatives of conservative and far-right parties (“Batkivshyna”, “Svoboda”), which had repeatedly sponsored obscurantist bills – in particular, the restitution of death penalty, restriction of reproductive rights, preventive arrests on political motives; the charters of these parties contain appeals to ban political strikes. In many of the initiatives they mimic such of the Putin’s regime, of the Party of Regions or of the Communist Party. Despite their plummeting ratings, such rhetorics are perceived as a legitimate part of the political field.

Against fascists on both sides of the frontline!

We unhesitatingly oppose the legitimization of ultra-nationalist and criminal groups as members of the “anti-terrorist operation”. However, we should note that among those fighting on the other side are the volunteers from European fascist organizations and the ultra-reactionaries from Russia, and pro-Kremlin propaganda only portrays them as “anti-fascist warriors”.

Against war incitement under the guise of pacifism!

We are equally disgusted by saber rattling and cheering the killing of enemies, on the one side, and by pseudo-pacifist speculations of the people directly responsible for the escalation of violence, on the other. Pacifism is neither compatible with the backing of the “New Russia” regimes or expressing any kind of sympathy towards them, nor with the support of Ukrainian militarism.

Against lies and propaganda from all sides!

Information space and the media have become a genuine battlefield, the people of Ukraine and Russia are being fed opposite in content but equally spurious propaganda that strengthens militancy on both sides of the conflict and sets workers on against other; this allows governments to channel social discontent into a safe direction. Therefore, it is important not to follow the crowd, which is pleased to receive the news it wants to hear, but to keep a sober mind and stay true to our principles. Only time will help to reconstruct the events truthfully.

For the development of the labor movement!

The working class in Ukraine is still in its infancy and is does not take part in the conflict as a subject. We need to formulate and defend the social agenda and help the development of organizations that express the interests of workers. Only a strong labor movement that realizes its interests will be able to establish peace in Ukraine.

We oppose involuntary military service, and demand to end the conscription and release all soldiers who do not want to fight.

We support the campaign of aiding internally displaced persons from the war-torn regions, and we are ready to support deserters and conscripts who evade service on ethical and political grounds. AWU-Kharkiv already runs a campaign to support the internally displaced people in its area – we urge all libertarians and left to join in or do the same in their areas.

We express our support and solidarity with the workers’ and trade union initiatives that fight for their labor rights; we are ready to actively support those who are struggling against DPR and LPR from the class standpoint. They are in a much more serious danger today than activists from Central and Western Ukraine.

No war but the class war!
You may sign this statement by sending us an email to inbox [at], or by leaving a comment right here.

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by Unity Jack
Wednesday Jun 25th, 2014 12:04 PM
Marxism recognizes just and unjust violence. The fact that U.S. Imperialism is behind the sending of U.S. Imperialist troops to over one hundred countries throughout the world for reconquest globally comprising content of the New American Century , and in Ukraine has since 1992 spent over 5,000,000,000 (five billion dollars to destabilized and subvert the democracy of the Ukraine) and is now intent on backing the sons and grandsons of the former Nazis waffen SS who were Ukrainians fighting for Hitler, and are guilty of murdering more than a half a million Ukrainians, Russians, Poles, Jews, and other ethnics living in the Ukraine). All this done during the German Nazis occupation of the Ukraine, and in co-ordination with their Military illegal invasion of the Soviet Union.

German nazis Military Aggression, proves that the side that is following the military coup-d'-etat of present day Kiev, is in fact the most supreme International Criminal Aggressive War Machine destroying all traces of democracy and progressive alliance of the Ukrainian peoples. To equate their resistence against this fascist aggression, which is being made by the 10+ of millions of Russians, Ukrainian, and other ethnic peoples is a Big Lie of unjust analysis, and has nothing to do with the historical, and herstorical materialism of the west or the east.

What needs to be done there and in every country is to Re-tool the industrial revolution, and organize the resistence and working people globally to end the dependence on fossil fuels. To re-tool the industrial revolution to the renewables such as wind, tidal and solar power to electricity which is more power than all the fossil fuels.

This is because all sides are fighting and maintaining fossil fuels dependence which globally has already burned out 40% of the atmosphere's oxygen. So much so that further aggressive war to maintain fossil fuel domination and motivation of the industrial revolution could result in the inevitable burn-out of the remaining 60% of the world's oxygen. If you think you can live without oxygen you are in deed the unjust fools that empire uses to destroy the ecological organic balances of the Earth's web-of-life on the planet. Since the war to end all wars is only over when the WMD-weapons of mass destruction are dismantled and their manufactury the possibility of victory for the Kiev putchists in nil. The Russian people in the Ukraine were inserted by Kruchev in 1954 undemocratically and that the Russian people seek democratically to reunite with their own people is the very essence of popular peoples democracy. The cause therefore is just. While the military U.S. Nuland sponsored military coup-d'-etat is undemocratic and illegally done by all the anti-fascist covenants made by the fighters and their families during the second world war.