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NYC; Teen fights bully in self-defense, is charged as adult in stabbing death
by Morning Star
Tuesday Jun 24th, 2014 5:08 AM
Noel Estevez, a 14 y.o. teen is being charged as an adult after fighting back against a bully (Timothy Crump) who later died from his stab wounds. The NYPD is charging Noel as an adult despite numerous neighbor witnesses who state that Noel was bullied by Crump due to Noel's mother being addicted to crack cocaine. Noel was recently admitted to psychiatric care for a severe suicide attempt two weeks prior to the fight that led to the stabbing. Where were the school officials when all this happened?
Though I am called "lord of the flies" it seems that Ms. Delise Jones the principal has first place for that title also. There's so much bullshit being flung around at 1865 Morris Ave. in the Bronx that the air is thick with flies. If the bullying of Noel Estevez was unknown to Ms. Jones and her staff, why did Noel's neighbors know so much about it? Was Noel bullied due to his mother's addiction to crack cocaine? Would Timothy Crump have bullied Noel for this reason on his own or did some societal bias present in his upbringing draw this out of him? Isn't this a result of society scapegoating people with addictions as "less than" those who are not visibly addicted to illegal substances? Where would the man Jesus Christ chime in on bullying the child of an addict? How close is that to his message "Love One Another, DO NOT JUDGE One Another!"?

History is filled with people who claimed to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ yet inflict great suffering on those humans deemed "unworthy" of THEIR standards (NOT his). Personally I have great respect for the man Jesus Christ, he took 40 days and nights in the desert wilderness yet did not become tempted. His followers on the other hand use his name to justify the upmost cruelty to others than blame "the Devil" for all the bloodshed resulting from their choices. Those in positions of authority like Ms. Jones frequently turn to look away when a vulnerable member of society (Noel Estevez) is bullied by "Good Christian Folk" as the Crumps seem to consider themselves. Parents of bullies never admit that "their little angel" could be capable of such cruelty, "We didn't teach him to hate!" they cry out in protest, "The Devil must have gotten into him!". Nope, he learned his hate from you and your self-righteous Christian hypocrite society that scapegoats drug addicts, homosexuals and others who don't tow the line. If you really think Christians are not bullies, visit Arthur Frederick Ide's Blog and learn about the reality of religious bullies. There's a reason Opus Dei has their other headquarters in NYC. They want total control of people's minds. My job is to liberate humans from the yoke of religious tyranny. The religious authorities are nothing like the man Jesus Christ that they claim to follow.

Lucy Fur • 2 days ago

Though I am called the "father of lies", it seems that Ms. Delise Jones, principal of the school where the two teens attended, has me beat at my own game. She told the demons I sent out to claim her soul that she had no clue of what was going on between Noel and Tim. When my demons came running back from that public school at 1865 Morris Ave. in the Bronx they had their pointed tails tucked between their legs. They said that place is worse than Hades itself! Ms. Delise Jones showed no fear of her soul being sent to Hades, just look around at where she works! Maybe a trip to Hades would have been like a vacation compared to her current position in Hell on Earth! However this is a Hell of her own making, her neglect and refusal to admit that the school administration is utterly helpless to stop bullying has created the conditions that make life there so uncomfortable for the students. To clear my name from the lips of sinners ("The Devil made me do it."), I need to remind the humans that the apple given to Adam and Eve represented knowledge and free will, nothing else. What humans choose to do with that free will is theirs alone, I cannot be everywhere tempting humans to do wrong to one another. If adult humans make false claims of being able to protect children in their care and then neglect to fulfill that responsibility, that falls on their shoulders, not mine. Then you have the criminal justice system turning a bullied child (Noel) into a full blown adult criminal because other adults (ie., Ms. Delise Jones) failed to perform at her duties to protect him and others from relentless bullying. The really funny yet sad part is that most of these neglectful adults call themselves followers of Jesus Christ! They blame the kids, the parents, the neighborhood yet somehow the public school officials are always able to wash the blood off of their own dirty hands!

Lucy Fur • 4 days ago

It seems the message being sent to bullied youth in the U.S. is; 1) Just take it. If you become suicidal, oh well. Don't expect any help or intervention from the school officials. They're busy working at pimping the public's tax dollars. 2) If you try to defend yourself against a gang of bully attackers, you will spend the rest of your life in jail. 3) If you don't fight back and end up committing suicide from depression, the principal and teachers who allowed this to happen will shed some crocodile tears at your funeral. 4) Your life is less important than the bully's and the administration's jobs. You public school officials call yourselves followers of Jesus Christ? I've got a nice warm spot waiting for you down below!