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Tarasha Benjamin's 4th year missing person's case, Selma PD under scrutiny
by Larry Shultz
Monday Jun 23rd, 2014 8:44 PM
" We have not given up". Says Lawyer Henderson of Georgia, who created the petition. " Tarasha's case is important to us all".
(National) The Tarasha Benjamin's case still fly over the head of the Selma Police Department, the agency that is supposed to be investigating the disappearance of Tarasha Benjamin of Selma, Alabama.

The teen went missing four years ago... today. The question in her case as it stands, " is why haven't the Selma Police Department brought in the Feds?". That question is now the talk amoung Benjamin supporters which now has grown to an estimate of 12 states, including foreign countries as well.

In Florida, supporters continue to pass out posters of the missing teen. People in Washington D.C says, "that they will let people know about Tarasha's facebook page which was created by her family and argues a protest should be organized.

Mississippi supporters are keeping Tarasha in thier prayers, while Georgia supporters have created a petition that others can sign on

" we have not given up". Says Lawyer Henderson of Georgia, who created the petition. " Tarasha 's Case is important to us all".

Henderson, who had did a documentary on Tarasha that will be release in September, points to Former Selma PD Officer Bart Watkins and Sardis Resident Christopher Dukes, Tarasha's online friend as been the culprits.

Last week, the Maury Polvich show re-aired Benjamin's story on NBC Television network. The Psychic predicted that Benjamin was held "against her will" in Florida, but, Benjamin's family visited Florida and the lead came up empty.

To join the movement to help find Tarasha, Go to Missing person alert! Help find Tarasha " Pooh" Benjamin now!, the missing teen's Facebook Page.

§Tarasha Benjamin missing person's case, a look back 4 years later
by Robert Yaylor Tuesday Jun 24th, 2014 12:13 AM
" She Just left one morning, said she was going to the Flea market, and never came back". Tarasha's mother, Regina Benjamin told the Selma Times Journal newspaper.

(NationaL) June 26 was the day that Selma Teeanger, Tarasha Benjamin vanished from her Selma, Alabama Home and the police department continue to claim that there is no new leads.

Tarasha left in a grey madza Tribute truck owned by her friend Telisha Givhan.

The photos on the missing girl's facebook page tells a dark secret as to what this this case really means for Tarasha's family, especially her mother.

" She just left one morning, said she was going to the flea Market, and never came back". Tarasha's mother, Regina Benjamin told the Selma Times Journal newspaper.

Since her disappearance, some have reported seeing citings of Tarasha, but, none of the citings has been promising as of yet.

The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children has sent several rescue teams to Selma, but this turned up nothing.

Tarasha Benjamin has been missing for four years now, but the family still has hope she will be found.

The Maury Polvich show just re-aired a taping of her story that featured [Regina] Benjamin on the show along with Tarasha Aunt, Pamela Blocton.

Maury Sent a Psychic to Selma, the psychic said that Tarasha wasn't dead, she's been held "against her will" in Florida.

To date, supporters of the family still pass out flyers across the country in hopes of finding her alive.

Also, a petition is on line at The family hopes that his could help find [Benjamin] in efforts to bring her home.

" I had nothing to do with that girl." Watkins told the Autauga County Sheriff's Officials in 2011.

(National) Former Selma Police Officer Bart Watkins should be reinterview, this time by the Alabama State Police and the FBI in the mysterious disappearance of Tarasha Benjamin. Watkins, a white police officer who worked for the Selma Police Department, visited Benjamin's home in what police described in thier on words as "mysterious".

" I had nothing to do with that girl". Watkins told the Autauga County Sheriff' officials in 2011.

The Alabama Bureau of Investigation had once said in that same year that they would create a task force in the missing girl's disappearance.

Watkins, who is a reserved deputy in Autauga County, Alabama Still denied any involvement in the disappearance of Tarasha Benjamin, but, some supporters of Benjamin believes he's involved.