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East Bay | Police State and Prisons

Free Radical Radio: The Show must go on
by Rydra and Bellamy (freeradicalradio [at] riseup.net)
Monday Jun 16th, 2014 10:15 AM
Free Radical radio discusses radical resistance and projects in Oakland and beyond and takes an anti-civilization perspective to analyze the state of the world and the radical resistance against hierarchy, domination, domestication, and control

Free Radical Radio is hosted by Rydra and Bellamy and is broadcast live in West Oakland every Sunday from 8pm-10 PM on http://www.berkeleyliberationradio.net
Listen at: https://archive.org/details/Episode44_201406

Doug is absent this week as Rydra and Bellamy discuss The-Spectacle-At-All-Costs that is the World Cup, the stark reality of climate change for Pacific Islanders, Obama's Panopticon antics, the Turing test and AI, the London Black Revolutionaries and their war on the war on homeslessness, the US government's anticipation of mass uprisings, and other topics. We're joined partway through by Kevin Tucker to discuss his new project - The Black and Green Review - as well as a few other topics.

Find all episodes at http://www.freeradicalradio.tumblr.com