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The "Smoking Gun" Behind Assembly Candidate Steve Glazer's Tobacco Ties
by Steven Maviglio
Thursday May 8th, 2014 3:58 PM
Consultant to Tobacco Industry-Funded Political Action Committee While His City Received "F" Grade from American Lung Association
It’s no secret that Steve Glazer was the $15,000 per month paid political consultant last cycle to JobsPAC, which is heavily supported by more than $330,000 in contributions from the tobacco industry giant Philip Morris.

But we’ve also learned that the Orinda, the community where Glazer presided as Mayor and serves on the City Council, recently received an flunking grade of “F” from the American Lung Association in its annual report on cities and counties

In contrast, under Democratic candidate Tim Sbranti's leadership, the City of Dublin raised its grade on tobacco and smoking policies from the American Lung Association all the way to an “A.”

Glazer, who, according to the Sacramento Bee, is the state’s top recipient of corporate Independent Expenditure dollars, may try to run from his ties to the tobacco industry, but he can’t hide behind this cloud of smoke. His record speaks for itself.

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by Union Yes
Friday May 9th, 2014 8:46 PM
No doubt Glazer is a all around Corporate Whore . He works for Whomever pays in the six figures. But Sacramento and Washington DC are full of those types. What really makes him stand out is his raw union busting.
He calls for All Transit strikes in Ca to be outlawed. That's his main campaign plank.
His half truths, omissions, and lies need to be refuted . Too many CC and Southern Alameda county voters believe his Bullshit .
If the unions that oppose Glazer don't take on that false narrative Glazer will win . You can't just talk about cigs!
by Ellis Goldberg
(ellisg237 [at] Tuesday May 13th, 2014 1:06 AM
TVDC Calls for AD-16 Democrats to Support Sbranti

view on line at

The TriValley Democratic Club endorses Dublin Mayor Tim Sbranti because we trust him. Tim is the chairman of the California Teachers Association Political Involvement Committee and past president of the TriValley Democratic Club. Under Tim’s leadership Dublin was named an "All-America City" in 2011 and was recognized by the Silicon Valley Leadership Group for economic growth, installed solar on public buildings, created new parks, all while balancing the budget.

The SF Chronicle endorsed Steve Glazer for AD 16. The Bay Area News Group/ Contra Costa Times endorsed the Republican Catherine Baker but said Glazer agreed with Baker on almost every issue and they liked him too. The two major area newspapers are unlikely to present a fair narrative on the BART STRIKE and about Steve Glazer. He is unpredictable and could sabotage legislation for the benefit of his big moneyed campaign contributors and their independent expenditure PACs.
This is a fight we have to win; the corporate interests & the Chamber of Commerce vs the unions & grassroots Democrats, that’s US. At stake is the soul of the California Democratic Party. They have the money but we are the grassroots. The assembly district is 40% Democratic and 34% Republican, so this won’t be easy

YOUR JOB is to expose Steve Glazer and tell your neighbors and friends to support Tim Sbranti in AD 16.
This is OUR narrative:
Chamber of Commerce funds DINOs
Democrats in name only DINOs are being funded by the Chamber of Commerce and their corporate brethren because Republicans can't seem to win in certain California districts. Once elected, the DINOs or Corporate Democrats don’t always flex their muscle by openly sponsoring or supporting business-friendly bills, but sometimes by doing nothing – by abstaining from voting on bills that business opposes. A single abstention can mean life or death for a measure that requires a supermajority to pass. The bill to give enforcement power to the Coastal Commission, AB 976, for instance, died after DINO Marc Levine and several other Democrats abstained on the final vote. The Chamber of Commerce engineered Levine’s election.
The Chamber’s JOBSPAC provided the financial support needed for the DINO campaigns. In 2012 they hired a consultant to find and support the election of business friendly Democrats who could scuttle and sabotage legislation that puts people before profits. The Chamber’s DINO consultant was Steve Glazer now running for Assembly District 16 with a huge war chest filled by PG&E, Time Warner, Walmart, Safeway, Eli Lilly and Pfizer. Sources and
According to his own campaign mailers Glazer’s campaign is based on BART union bashing and the strike, lower taxes, reducing public employee pensions, deregulation & no special interests deals. He is a brilliant strategist trying to cash in on the frustrations of BART riders. He poses as a hero of the people though he is really a shill for the corporate interests who fund his campaign. Glazer’s buddy John Diaz of the SF Chronicle wrote articles about how unions & environmental groups send questionnaires to candidates implying that the answers are secret agreements. Glazer was featured and lauded in the articles. The SF Chronicle then changed its own decades old policy and decided to publish the answers to questions it puts to candidates before bestowing endorsements. Unions, environmental, other progressive political groups and Democratic Clubs invite candidates to speak and question them in public in order to also vet & endorse candidates. Their job is to let their members and the public know which candidates share their values. Similarly corporate interests vet candidates but do not do it in writing, except for writing campaign donation checks. Endorsements do mean something as do the sources of campaign contributions.
Glazers biggest donors, JOBSPAC donors per the FPPC.
The person who stands to benefit the most from the BART Strike is Steve Glazer. He is pushing legislation that would bar BART Unions from striking and force binding arbitration. Neither BART management nor the unions want forced binding arbitration; both prefer an amicable agreement rather than a forced prescription. Senator Mark DeSaulnier, chair of the Transportation Committee, investigated the BART strike situation and found that management and the unions did not agree on the facts and figures involved. His thoughtful method of preventing BART strikes is to require an audit before negotiations start; that is what problem solving, thoughtful legislators do.
The Joint Legislative Audit Committee (JLAC) voted to approve the request by Assembly Member Bill Quirk (D-Hayward) for a state audit of the finances and employment practices of the San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit District (BART) over the last several years. The request garnered bipartisan and bicameral support.
“This call for an audit is about accountability and transparency. The state has an obligation to make certain taxpayers know where their money is going,” said Quirk. “Unfortunately, recent events have made it clear that there are disagreements on several critical issues including employee salaries by classification, expenditures versus revenues to determine a structural deficit or surplus, projected costs of future capital improvements, and ongoing worker’s compensation practices regarding the use of temporary employees, just to name a few.”
Joining Assembly Member Quirk in this request were Assembly Members Skinner, Bonta, Ammiano, and Ting and Senators Corbett, Hancock, DeSaulnier, and Leno. Read the full story at
Now you have the narrative and understand how important this race is. The top two primary is June 3rd, vote by mail starts the first week in May. Spread the narrative on Facebook, twitter or over the backyard fence.