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Chillin' in NOLA Advocatin' Holla Holla
by Craig Louis Stehr (CraigStehr [at]
Thursday Apr 24th, 2014 4:19 PM
Been in NOLA four months assisting injured-by-police anarchist icon Bork, networking constantly to get the Washington D.C. Beltway Action in motion, wondering if the US left wing has had its day, and then there's the continuing conversation with the IMCs about what is appropriate to publish online as the world frays, and my poetry gets published regardless.
The proposed Washington D.C. Beltway Action continues to be proposed. My determination to see this happen has not diminished, and the more serious Earth First!ers, anarchist Occupiers, and peace & justice activists believe that this is an idea whose time has come. Imagine a caravan going around the beltway with a flatbed truck with your band on it, another vehicle with a climate justice play being performed, another vehicle with spiritual ritualists chanting and musicians and meditators in Samadhi and ya you can bring your sticky mat, and around the belly of the beast we go. The D.C. radical spaces need to lighten up their grip on who is welcome on the couch and floor, and get real! We need solidarity not excuses. It's about the time, okay y'all? After four months of assisting the iconic housing rights activist Bork in New Orleans, I am packed and ready to hit the road northward. This message needs to get out further...please help with that. It's about the time, y'all. Peaceout, Craig Louis Stehr Telephone messages: (504) 302-9951