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San Jose Police Officer Charged with Rape
by Justice for Police Victims
Saturday Apr 19th, 2014 11:00 PM
On March 11, the Santa Clara County District Attorney's office announced San Jose Police Officer Geoffrey Graves was charged with forcible rape. The incident occurred while Officer Graves was on duty, working as a patrol officer.
A press release from the DA's office states:

"On September 22, 2013 at approximately 0204 hours, four officers from the San Jose Police Department including San Jose police officer Geoffrey Graves (defendant hereinafter) responded to a call of a family disturbance at the residence of the Victim and her husband in San Jose. Upon arrival, officers determined that both spouses were drinking but no crime had occurred. The victim, a hotel maid, advised the officers of a nearby hotel where she previously worked that she wished to stay at for the night. At approximately 0232 hours, the defendant, working a single man patrol car, transported the victim to the hotel. The victim, after getting the hotel key, went to the assigned room alone and fell asleep. Approximately 15 minutes later, the victim heard knocking and opened the door. The defendant entered the room, grabbed the victim and pushed her onto the bed. The defendant took off parts of his uniform. The defendant removed the victim’s pants and undergarment. The defendant climbed on top of the victim while she resisted with verbal and physical communication. The defendant forcibly engaged in sexual intercourse with the victim before leaving the hotel approximately 10 minutes later. The crime was reported on October 13, 2013 and an investigation was performed by the San Jose Police Department. Physical evidence corroborates the victim’s allegations. The victim positively identified the defendant during the investigation of this incident."

A San Jose Police Department press release states:

"On Monday March 10, 2014, Officer Geoff Graves was arrested for one count of felony sexual assault. The San Jose Police Department's Criminal Investigation Detail (CID) completed a five month investigation and presented its findings to the Santa Clara County District Attorneys Office who filed one count of forcible rape. Officer Graves self-surrendered and was booked into the Santa Clara County Jail. Officer Graves is a six year veteran and has been placed on paid administrative leave since our Department was made aware of this criminal allegation."

"The investigation into the incident revealed that on September 22, 2013, San Jose Police Department officers responded to a family disturbance. When officers arrived they made contact with the involved individuals who admitted to having a verbal argument. At some point a decision was made that the involved female would leave the residence and relocate to a hotel. SJPD officers facilitated the transportation of the female subject to a local area hotel then left. Officer Graves remained nearby and reinitiated contact with the female in her hotel room. According to the female, the officer sexually assaulted her."

"On October 15, 2013, this incident was brought to the attention of the San Jose Police Department who initiated a criminal investigation into the allegation. At the conclusion of the C.I.D. investigation and Santa Clara County District Attorney filing, an arrest warrant was issued for Officer Graves."

From Crime Voice:

"evidence recovered from the suspect’s bullet proof vest revealed the victims DNA"
§Graves pleads not guilty on April 14
by Justice for Police Victims Sunday Apr 20th, 2014 12:17 AM
"A San Jose police officer pleaded not guilty Monday to a charge that he raped a woman he was entrusted to protect while on duty last fall."

"The accuser is an undocumented immigrant with a limited command of English, straining tenuous trust between police and the city's immigrant communities."

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by fair?
Sunday Apr 20th, 2014 2:06 PM
So, the rape was reported in October and they wait to arrest this asshole until March?

What other rape cases did the DA spend five months investigating before an arrest was made?

The DA Jeffrey Rosen probably spent five months looking for ways to avoid charging this pig, and when he couldn't find any way at all to let this cop off, he had to file charges.