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Repressive reign
by Ted Rudow III, MA (Tedr77 [at]
Wednesday Feb 19th, 2014 12:16 PM
The UK Government expressly argued that the release of the Snowden documents (which the free world calls "award-winning journalism") is actually tantamount to "terrorism"
The same theory now being used by the Egyptian military regime to prosecute Al Jazeera journalists as terrorists. Congratulations to the UK government on the illustrious company it is once again keeping. British officials have also repeatedly threatened criminal prosecution of everyone involved in this reporting, including Guardian journalists and editors.

The report cites two developments making the march toward an Orwellian society a quick journey: The tremendous explosion in surveillance-enabling technologies, including databases, computers, cameras, sensors, wireless networks, implantable microchips, GPS, and biometrics; and the weakening of civil-liberty protections, as government and private surveillance increases and a giant infrastructure tying the technologies together is contemplated.

Big Brother and Big Corporation joined forces a long time ago. Monitoring people is the bottom line. Oh, the scientists and officials may say that such programs will help nab terrorists, cut down on crime and criminals, and have other worthwhile uses. In this case it's to help prepare the surveillance technology for his future repressive reign.

Ted Rudow III, MA