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Is President Barack Obama Unconsionably "Autocratic"?
by Cris Ericson (crisericson [at]
Monday Feb 10th, 2014 12:26 AM
When President Barack Obama acts with force and Drones against foreign countries without the U.S. Congress voting for war, and when President Barack Obama makes unilateral changes in the Affordable Care Act, without the U.S. Congress voting for Amendments to the law, is he behaving in an unconsionably AUTOCRATIC way?
My great grandfather George Robert Ericson served in World War I as a mechanic in France, and I have a bunch of his Honorable Discharge papers including a letter from John J. Pershing.

Here is the letter by Commander in Chief John J. Pershing to the troops, and in it he uses the word, "autocratic". If John J. Pershing were alive today, would he view President Barack Obama as "autocratic"?

General Orders France, February 28, 1919.
No. 38-A.
Now that your service with the American Expeditionary Forces is about to
terminate, I can not let you go without a personal word. At the call to arms,
the patriotic young manhood of America eagerly responded and became the
formidable army whose decisive victories testify to its efficiency and its valor.
With the support of the nation firmly united to defend the cause of liberty,
our army has executed the will of the people with resolute purpose. Our democ-
racy has been tested, and the forces of autocracy have been defeated. To the
glory of the citizen-soldier, our troops have faitfully fulfilled their trust, and
in a succession of brilliant offensives have overcome the menace to our civili-
As an individual, your part in the world war has been an important one in
the sum total of our achievements. Whether keeping lonely vigil in the trenches,
or gallantly storming the enemy's stonghold; whether enduring monotonous
drudgery at the rear, or sustaining the fighting line at the front, each has
bravely and efficiently played his part. By willing sacrifice of personal rights;
by cheerful endurance of hardship and privation; by vigor, strength and in-
domitable will, made effective by thorough organization and cordial co-opera-
tion, you inspired the war _ _ _ _ with new life and turned the tide of
threatened defeat into overwhelming victory.
With a consecrated devotion to duty and a will to conquer, you have loy-
ally served your country. By your exemplary conduct a standard has been
established and maintained never before attained by any army. With mind
and body as clean and strong as the decisive blows you delivered against the
foe, you are soon to return to the pursuits of peace. In leaving the scenes
of your victories, may I ask that you carry home your high ideals and con-
tinue to live as you have served - an honor to the principles for which you
have fought and to the fallen comrades you leave behind.
It is with pride in our success that I extend to you my sincere thanks for
your splendid service to the army and to the nation.
John J. Pershing
Commander in Chief
Robert C. Davis,
Adjutant General
Copy furnished to Prvt. Geo. R. Ericson
Robert M Clendening
Capt M_C

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
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by Workers Revolution
Monday Feb 10th, 2014 12:33 PM
Is Obama also and unconscious murderer? I think not he has even admitted he is. His job, as Commander in Chief of U.S. Capitalism, is to do whatever Wall Street, the Bankers, Corporations and other monetary thieves demand. Any one who still believes he or she lives in a democracy needs help.