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People's coup takes control of media in Bangkok
Sunday Dec 1st, 2013 6:59 AM
The people's reform movement occupied government and media facilities in Thailand as more than 30,000 thronged the capital on Sunday.
(BANGKOK 12-01) Sunday's actions were the culmination of non-violent protests that swelled during the previous week. The opposition is determined to remove the current government, and has called a General Strike Monday.

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§2 Days given by "People's Coup" for Thai government to resign
by Sunday Dec 1st, 2013 9:47 AM
Opposition leaders have given Prime Minister Yingluck of Thailand 2 days to step down and yield to a "People's Council" after 8 days of mass protest in Bangkok.

(BANGKOK 12-01) A radio message from the people's reform movement was indeed aired by almost every broadcast station in Thailand, where it's now past 10pm, the curfew hour "suggested" by the authories. The current government has been given 2 days to step down and return power to the people. Here we see one of the few injuries in the very minimal "violence" reported by mainstream media, after police attacked with tear gas cannisters and water hoses, courtesy of Bangkok Post.

Within hours of the injury seen above, the military asked the police to stop the violence against the people. The royal family of Thailand still exerts influence over the military, but with great restraint, and they have long been committed to the development of democracy according to the British model. It was the military that removed Thaksin Shinawatra from power in 2006, and he now stands accused of using his sister to continue his corrupt rule by proxy.

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