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Obama Protest SF
by Rubble
Saturday Nov 30th, 2013 8:16 PM
President Obama was in San Francisco for another major fundraiser at the SF Jazz Center in Hayes Valley on Monday, November 25th around noon. Activists from numerous groups were out in strong force to meet and protest the president on a number of policies. Hear audio from the streets. (20 minutes)
Hear speakers from Code Pink and World Can’t Wait describing the tone and purpose of the major demonstration those two groups organized, including a description of the increasing police state activity surrounding activism in this city. These two groups were protesting the wars in the Middle East, with a focus on the increasing use of deadly drones.

Large groups of protesters held signs and chanted on the street corners surrounding the Jazz Center around the time the President was scheduled to drive in, trying to get close enough to attract TV cameras and passersby. The largest contingent there was protesting potential opening of the Keystone Pipeline, which activists still believe Obama will probably do unless continued public pressure makes it inconvenient politically.

A couple of blocks away on several blocks near the busy intersection of Van Ness and Market, activists held banners, with several chanting to honk if for peace and environmental justice. Many motorists chanted. Single Payer Now activists stood on corners of the intersections, holding larger banners for Single Payer/Medicare For All, allowing not only streams of motorists but also television watchers tuned in to see the Obama motorcade. Single Payer Now is working towards a California ballot proposition to implement a statewide Single Payer system. Hear some of the street action.