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Global ethical human rights will give the Lost Generation of Youth a future.
by Anthony Ravlich (anthonyravlich [at]
Wednesday Oct 30th, 2013 10:48 AM
Global ethical human rights will give the lost generation of youth a future. It is really is a macabre understanding of peace and human beings which sees absolute control to crush potential as a way of achieving peace. In fact, in my view, it creates slaves and a dangerous State which is not held to account.
Global ethical human rights will give the Lost Generation of Youth a future.

Anthony Ravlich
Human Rights Council (New Zealand)
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Auckland City.
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I posted on the social networking sites:

“Don’t go Underground become Mainstream. The following song seems to be describing the ‘lost generation of youth’ London Grammar – ‘Wasting My Young Years’( ) –
2,134,106 views - some lyrics ‘Maybe I’m wasting my young years…it
doesn’t matter…chasing old ideas…it doesn’t matter… don’t you know its only fear’.

I will be at the Verona Coffee bar , K Rd., near St Steven’s arcade, between 4pm to 5.30pm Friday and Saturday if anyone wants to discuss the following.

The young are being subjected to global mass discrimination. When I challenged Helen Clark recently after her lecture at Auckland University – I mentioned this discrimination and she seemed aware it was a major problem but seemed to have no solutions.

I expect more of this ‘lost generation’ entering the under classes of their respective countries and the neoliberal absolutism which has been created i.e. the whole universal declaration of human rights having to be compatible with IMF policies, will almost certainly, in my view, result in a global, albeit ‘secular’, caste system.

More lost generations seem inevitable unless the young decide they want a future and try new ideas relevant to today’s world. In my view, change could happen relatively quickly then – the ethical approach to human rights, development and globalization (essentially a fight for your individual rights against the State and the world) could be adopted and simply communicated around the world.

The UN cannot continue to fail to inform the mainstream of this universal approach because they will then be held to account for any revolutionary violence that occurs - Helen Clark just ignored the question when I asked why the UN says nothing about global ethical human rights despite its increasing support , some very high profile – they have no duty to tell you so they don’t - so it’s a matter of letting as many know about the global ethical human rights around the world while we still have the internet – its ‘bottom-up’ so many small businesses will be created which employ many and the country will move forward – while removal of social class discrimination (and removal of discrimination on the grounds of socio-economic status i.e. wealth) would permit upward mobility allowing the ‘best and brightest’ instead of the utter paranoia that has existed about those they feel they cannot control e.g. many bright people from good middle class homes have ended up in the psychiatric system while others at the bottom of the social ladder have been crushed –- they will find out what’s been done to them because I’m already telling some of them.

It is really a macabre understanding of peace which considers that crushing potential, which also gets rid of the best and brightest, creates peaceful societies in fact it creates slaves e.g. the dalits or untouchables, and States become dangerous because they are no longer held to account e.g. North Korea.

Its far removed from seeing human beings as sometimes motivated by altruism, unconditional love being a part of us all and people having greatness deep within and being capable of great things and who can personally adopt a non-extreme violence approach (except in self-defense) – rather this macabre understanding sees a need to control people absolutely.
Those interested in hearing about some of the topics of my forthcoming book which describes really world shaking decisions that have been made at the UN and which are happening right now with the public being kept virtually completely ignorant, my previous book, Freedom from our social available in libraries and although on UN website for 2 yrs but no review was done in NZ's mainstream media such is the fear of truth”.