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United States President Concerned About The Corruption that Befalls Injured/Ill Workers?
by Strend (biotechharm [at]
Tuesday Sep 24th, 2013 9:05 PM
In the following see the lack of empathy the U.S. President has for the American Worker(s) who gets injured or sick from the workplace when he is given evidence of the corruption that sides with employers who don't have a safe and healthy workplace environment.

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There is massive corruption perpetrated against the American worker who has sustained a workplace injury or illness from the workplace environment. Not only does the employer (more times than not) fail to report the injury and/or illness (for fear of their insurance rates going up) but there is MASSIVE corruption within the injured/ill workers EXCLUSIVE REMEDY of the state Worker's Compensation system.

Sadly, President Obama; merely ignores the problem.

We, the people of the United States deserve to be compensation when we go to work and are injured or get sick on the job.

WHERE is the justice?
For the four (4) page correspondence between the White House and myself; PLEASE click on the blue texted link above