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The Parasite Class Jealously Guards Its Host
by Anarkhos
Friday Sep 13th, 2013 8:04 PM
The ruling class reacts to Putin's open letter.

Delighted to read Vladimir Putin’s open letter to the American People, I was taken aback, briefly, by the gush of indignation from our political and corporatist class, but then I realized that this indignation made perfect sense, given their self appraisal and their sense of ownership of the United States of America and its President. Mr. Putin’s letter is well written. I cannot say that I disagree with anything he wrote to us. His letter is rational, clear, straightforward, and unassuming – completely the opposite of what passes for political discourse in the United States. Most of all, however, I was impressed and touched that the leader of another country would try to speak to us directly, as if we were real human beings capable of understanding his rational discourse. That is something we never receive from our own leaders, least of all from our President, Mr. Obama.

John McCain, the mentally unstable former candidate for the presidency, tweeted, “Putin’s NYT op-ed is an insult to the intelligence of every American.” I find that an ironic remark for a man that insulted the intelligence of every American by picking Sarah Palin as his running mate. This from a man that regards a cannibal member of the “Syrian Resistance,” whom he met, “a moderate.”

Bob Menendez, Senator from New Jersey remarked, “I have to be honest with you, I was at dinner, and I almost wanted to vomit.” This is the same Bob Menendez whose underage prostitute scandal made me want to vomit several months back. In addition to being at the center of a swirl of prostitution allegations, Mr. Menendez himself has come out as a political prostitute for Israel on multiple occasions and is squarely and enthusiastically behind bombing the Syrian people in order to punish Assad for crimes no sane person believes Assad committed. In fact, Mr. Menendez, last June, long before any alleged gassing, was calling for tipping the scales against Assad with military aid.

And then, of course, the corporate media journalist-whores of the ruling class have come out against Putin’s open letter too. From Frida Ghitis, we have this lamentable spewage that obviates her complete and total lack of comprehension of the concept of democracy: “Nothing could be more deliciously absurd than Putin accusing America of not being a ‘model of democracy,’ except perhaps for his closing line in which he chastises President Barack Obama for speaking of American exceptionalism.” Am I to understand Ms. Ghitis as asserting that America is, in fact, a ‘model for democracy?’ If so, then why is the President pushing us into a war that only 9% of the American People want? I ask her, when was the last time that the U.S. Government actually did ANYTHING that the American People want? As well, are we to understand that Ms. Ghitis believes in exceptionalism – that is morally correct for one nation to claim to itself rights and privileges that no one else has, including the right to break the law? In Ms. Ghitis’ case, I believe her answer would be yes, for she has already made such claims for Israel.

Michelle Malkin, the propagandist I would vote most likely to be appointed by Hitler to take Joseph Goebbels position had Hitler still been in power today, huffed, “It is galling for this strong man to be wagging his finger at America about peace and international law.” How so, Frau Malkin? What positive role does the United States of America play in international law? You, yourself, believe in American Exceptionalism, which is nothing but a euphemism for “above the law.” For what significant stretch of time during your lifetime has the United States of America not been involved in an illegal war?

What are we to make of this? Is it not obvious? The political corporatist ruling class of the United States of America is not accustomed to an outsider speaking directly to its worker slaves. This is unprecedented and dangerous to their interests. The bar is so low in the United States of America that even the leader of a former enemy state is more appealing than the corrupt, condescending, incoherent, psychopath that stands as our President. That makes the ruling mafia’s puppet figurehead look bad. Worse, though, is that Mr. Putin had the audacity to speak to us directly, without the filter of the corporatist machine and its fascist government. How dare this outsider speak to our property without our permission! How dare he expose the fact that our “exceptionalism” is nothing other than unbridled arrogance, much like that of the Nazi’s self-concept as a master race.

Thank you Mr. Putin for exposing the naked Emperor. You did us a service.