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Kerry, the Cherry-picker on Syrian chemical weapons
by DLi
Tuesday Sep 3rd, 2013 9:30 PM
It's deja-vu all over again! Here was another hawkish U.S. Secretary of State, doing his best to fabricate "evidence" of another Arab state using WMDs! Back in 2003, it was "Colon" Powell that lied to the UN by exhibiting vials of "chemical weapons," supposedly prepared by Saddam's Iraqi forces, ready to unleash on his neighbors. Ten years later, John 'Swift Boat' Kerry couldn't face the more objective UN body; so he tried his sleight-of-hand tricks on a more gullible U.S. Congress and corporate bin-Laden media. Still, he could produce no solid proof--only 2nd hand Twitter accounts and one-sided & contrived reports from the sycophantic Syrian "rebels." So, with the flimsiest set of circumstantial "evidence," he wants the U.S. to launch hundreds--if not thousands--of cruise missiles to attack the Assad regime...
First and foremost, unprovoked aggression is a war crime AND against the UN Charter(did Kerry even bother to remember that the U.S. was the driving force behind the formation of the UN back in 1947?) Then there were the Nuremberg Trials, in which Nazi leaders were hanged for fomenting aggressive war--"the greatest crime," according to chief U.S. jurist Robert Jackson.

So now John Kerry--the falsified Vietnam war "hero" who later (momentarily)picked up a little conscience and actually threw his war medals away to protest the illegal war on Vietnam--wants America to start bombing Syrians, in order to save them!?

His most malevolent statement today was, "We don't want Americans to be spectators to slaughter." Apparently, the new Kerry line is, "We want Americans to be PARTICIPANTS to slaughter"! What a sickening display of Imperialist & bloodthirsty warmongering. Progressive Peaceniks & activists, lease send vigorous protest to the State Dept. ASAP. Peace & Imua!