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The Foreign Trained Death Squads Used the Gas and Chemical Weapons
by Union Jack
Tuesday Aug 27th, 2013 11:37 AM
It is only in the areas controlled by the foreign trained Death Squads that the chemical poisoning deed happened. First day the mercenaies fired shots at the United Nations Investigators. The Syrian Government can and did provides safety for the UN Investigators but the foreign invading mercenaries are not doing safety to the truth finding United Nations.
The Foreign Trained Death Squads Used the Gas and Chemical Weapons.

The proof is in the pudding. For instance all the chemical poisoning events and all the evidence is in the external foreign trained killer squads area of control.

They are on day one shooting at the United Nations investigators. Lest they find the truth about the invaders dirty unjust massacre. In the Syrian Controlled areas Assad has been able to guarantee the inspectors safety. However that the evidence lays outside the Syrian peoples governance does not guarantee their safety at all.

It is one of the biggest lies ever made that the Syrian Governance is killing its very own people. The only use of chemical and gas WMD--weapons of mass destruction is from the foreign invaders who are killing the Syrian people, and then blaming the democratically elected Syrian government and troopers.

Its a Joseph Goebells big lie that the 70% support of the Syrian Government by the Syrian people is doing any of the WMD against its own people.

The U.S. Imperialists cannot cover the fact that its soldiers have been training the foreign invaders in the use of chemical weapons and gas since dec. 2012 mostly in Jordan and also in Turkey where the Free Syrian Army was caught with numerous barrels of chemical poison by the Turkish army and people. Also the Syrian Army, while hitting the foreign invaders found the chemical nerve gas Sarin in the death squads posessed areas.