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Israel Poised to Attack Syria?
by Stephen Lendman
Monday Aug 26th, 2013 12:15 PM
Israel Poised to Attack Syria?

by Stephen Lendman

Israel partners with Washington's regional wars. A separate article said America and Britain may attack Syria in days.

Perhaps other NATO partners and Israel will be involved. Hawkish Israeli comments suggest it. On Sunday, Netanyahu said Israel's "finger is on the pulse" of what's ongoing. It need be, it'll move to the trigger.

Shimon Peres called for joint action "to remove all chemical weapons from Syria." International Relations/Intelligence/Strategic Affairs Minister Yuval Steinitz said it's "crystal clear" Assad used chemical weapons last week.

It's not the first time, he added. He lied saying so. What's happening in Syria shows "how dangerous it is if Iran is able to complete its military nuclear project and produce atomic bombs," he added.

He called on world leaders to stop Assad. On the one hand, he said Israel won't interfere in Arab world turmoil.

On the other, he omitted explaining Israel's longstanding  involvement. He said Tel Aviv's "prepared for any scenario."

Israel's a serial aggressor. It's history is bloodstained. It prioritizes disproportionate force. It targets civilians like combatants.

Steinitz barely stopped short of suggesting Israel plans war on Syria. Throughout 2013, it acted provocatively. It's involved in terrorist attacks on Lebanon. It's targeting Hezbollah. It's stoking sectarian conflict.

Since hostilities began in March 2011, Israel launched several cross-border ground attacks. It made one or more incursions. It conducted four air attacks. It likely plans more.

Doing so reflects lawless aggression. They're Israeli and US specialties. They suggest more coming.

Some observers believe Israel will attack Hezbollah and Syria. Doing so may coincide with Washington's intervention. Iran may follow.

Longstanding plans prioritize regime change. Israel's Greater Middle East Agenda matters most. It wants regional rivals removed. It seeks territorial expansion. It wants unchallenged dominance. Washington wants it globally.

Syria, Lebanon and Iran are targeted. Longstanding US/Israeli plans call for regime change. War is the strategy of choice.

Israel may be poised to attack like America. Perhaps they'll act jointly. Doing so will embroil the entire region. It risks greater global conflict.

In late July, Israel's UN envoy Ron Prosor warned about attacking Syria. If "provocations" continue, he said, "Israel will have no choice but to respond accordingly."

"I have said it before and I'll say it again. Assad has chemical weapons."  

“The situation is made all the more dangerous by the fact that Assad has received advanced weapons systems that Israel simply cannot allow."

Israel is nuclear armed and dangerous. It stockpiled formidable chemical and biological weapons.

It uses banned weapons in all its conflicts. It's involved in destabilizing Syria.

In May, General Amir Eshel said Israel's poised for a large-scale assault. If Assad falls, it's to prevent advanced weapons reaching extremist insurgents and Hezbollah, he said.

He stopped short of explaining Israel's role in stoking conflict. He stressed its armed forces are ready to act. Doing so perhaps suggests imminent intervention. Partnering with Washington and Britain appear likely.

Expect surgical strikes if launched. Targets perhaps include airfields, command and control facilities, arms and weapons caches, fuel sources, tanks, other mobile military units, and civilian sites.

Iraqi and Libyan ones were attacked. Terror bombings struck roads, bridges, other infrastructure, schools, hospitals, power stations, commercial sites, and other non-military targets. Mass casualties resulted.

On August 26, Haaretz headlined "Senior Israeli team in Washington as US prepares for possible Syria attack," saying:

National Security Advisor Yaakov Amidror heads it. He arrived on Monday. He came for high-level political and security talks. He's meeting with senior US officials.

Doing so was planned weeks ago. Current conditions suggest urgency. They're ongoing ahead of reported planned joint US/UK strikes. Launching them may come in days.

Perhaps Israel's involved. It won't surprise. It's been readying for months. According to Haaretz:

"(T)alks were to center on coordinating positions and a joint preparation for a possible escalation in Syria following an American military strike."

Iran and Hezbollah will be discussed. Longstanding plans call for regime change in both countries.

Haaretz said "Amidror was joined by Maj. Gen. (res.) Amos Gilad, head of the diplomatic security department at the Defense Ministry; Nimrod Shefer, head of the Israel Defense Forces planning department; Itai Baron, head of the research division in Military Intelligence; Jeremy Issacharoff, head of the strategy department in the Foreign Ministry, and senior officials from the Shin Bet."

Soon to retire Washington ambassador Michael Oren's involved. They're meeting with National Security Advisor Susan Rice, as well as senior National Security Council, State Department, Pentagon and intelligence officials.

America's Israeli ambassador Dan Shapiro's involved. Talks began Sunday night. Ahead of them, Netanyahu convened a security cabinet meeting.

Discussion focused on last Wednesday's chemical weapons attack. An unnamed Israeli official said various scenarios were considered. He stopped short of suggesting Israel plans war on Syria.

He said "(t)he defense establishment's assessment is that the likelihood of a Syrian response against Israel following an American attack is low."

"Nevertheless, when something like this starts, you don't know how it's liable to develop, and therefore we need to be ready and set policy in advance."

Perhaps Israel plans attacking preemptively. It won't be the first time. For sure not the last. It's longstanding Israeli policy.

It replicates how America wages war. It reflects out-of-control belligerence. It reserves the right to use weapons of mass destruction preemptively.

It believes war is peace. It ravages one nation after another. It invents reasons for doing so. It's poised to attack Syria. Perhaps it's partnered with Israel to wage war.

On August 26, Israel's Hebrew language newspaper Yediot Ahronot headlined "On the Way to the Attack." It showed images of Obama and Assad.

Last April, Israel's Directorate of Military Intelligence (AMAN) proposed war on Syria. It urged large-scale US air and ground attacks.

It wants Syria's chemical weapons secured. It stopped short of suggesting direct Israeli involvement. Perhaps it's planned now. It may not be long to find out.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at lendmanstephen [at]

His new book is titled "Banker Occupation: Waging Financial War on Humanity."

Visit his blog site at

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by Mike Novack
Wednesday Aug 28th, 2013 9:03 AM
"Perhaps Israel plans attacking preemptively. It won't be the first time. For sure not the last. It's longstanding Israeli policy. "

In the '67 war Israel preemptively attacked Egypt. LATER (by about half a day) in this short war Israel was also at war with Jordan and several days later with Syria. But neither of these were preemptive attacks. POSSIBLY Israel would have attacked Jordan once the outcome with the fight with Egypt had become clear. But that's not what happened. Jordan, not believing that the Egyptian air force had been wiped out in the first hours, attacked Israel with planes (all destroyed when they returned to their base to refuel) and then entered the DMZs. Up to that point (during the first hours) Israel had been ignoring Jordanian shelling preferring to fight on one front at a time. Syria began heavy shelling which Israel ignored certainly not wanting a third front. It was only after FOUR DAYS when with both Egypt and Jordan desperate for a cease fire Syria stupidly kept bombarding Israel instead of joining the others in accepting the cease fire that Israel attacked them and seized the Golan.

In the '83 war it was Egypt and Syria that preemtively attackedand they did very well in the first couple days. But Syria ran out of steam and couldn't deliver the knockout punch to the few remaining Israeli forces still grimly holding on in the Golan before Israeli reserves managed to arrive. In the Sinai, instead of hanging on to the gains made by accepting a cease fire, Egypt went for broke trying to break through to the passes, and were defeated in that massive tank battle. Immediately after the Israelis crossed the Canal and cut the supply lines of Egypt's Third Army because the Egyptians unwisely hadn't left any forces in reserve on the west bank of the canal.

NOW -- let's talk about today. However evil you think the Israelis nobody thinks they are stupid. A divided Syria engaged in a civil war is very much to their interests, NOT an end to that civil war. Perhaps Assad hopes the Israelis would attack as THAT might unify the Syrians. But the Israelis are unlikely to oblige. The Israelis MIGHT get involved to the extent of aiding the Syrian Druse, Christians, Circassians, and Kurds if any of those get into serious trouble. But Turkey, of course, wouldn't be happy about aid to the Kurds (they have a huge Kurdish problem of their own).