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Governor Brown’s “No Strike” Edict for BART Workers
by Transport Workers Solidarity Committee
Monday Aug 12th, 2013 1:30 PM
The Transport Workers Solidarity Committee condemns the union busting attack by Governor Brown and other labor supported Democratic party politicians who are supporting an injunction against the right of BART workers to strike.
Governor Brown’s “No Strike” Edict for BART Workers
The Transport Workers Solidarity Committee condemns Governor Brown for denying the BART workers’ right to strike for 60 days. As the Contra Costa Times states it “was a victory for management.” But workers have a fundamental right of freedom of association, i.e. to organize themselves into a union to bargain with employers and the right to strike, i.e. freely withhold their labor, if necessary, to achieve a decent contract.
Across the U.S., workers have been attacked and scapegoated for the economic crisis and public sector workers have falsely been blamed for government budget overruns by the likes of Republican Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin and Democratic Governor Jerry Brown of California. Their solution is to cut jobs and wages of workers and public services for all. Amalgamated Transit Union negotiator, Yuri Hollie, has called this bipartisan attack “warfare on the working class”. We believe she’s right.
There is no agreement to date because BART Board of Directors hired an intransigent union-busting negotiator, Thomas Hock, and started negotiations late (May 15). The BART Directors have not bargained in good faith, have kept union negotiators waiting hours on end and not budged on key safety issues, all in a concerted effort to incite the public against the BART workers and set the stage for invoking California’s version of Taft-Hartley, the slave labor act. The actions of these culprits in collusion with corrupt politicians threaten a transit meltdown.
California “friends of labor” Democrats from Senators Feinstein and Boxer to San Francisco Mayor Lee and Oakland Mayor Quan have all applauded Governor Brown’s anti-labor decision. This should come as no surprise to workers. In 2002, Senator Diane Feinstein called on President Bush to invoke Taft-Hartley against the longshore union during contract talks. A year later, then-Oakland Mayor Jerry Brown gave the green light for police to attack longshoremen and anti-war protesters in the port, a bloody repression condemned by the UN Human Rights Commission. And now, Mark DeSaulnier, East Bay Democrat head of the state Senate Transportation Committee, has called for legislation that bans transit worker strikes. With “friends” like this who needs enemies?
BART projects revenue surpluses of $125 million a year for the next 10 years. That’s enough to provide BART workers with decent wages that compensates them for the wage freeze they’ve endured since 2008. Furthermore, BART could readily reduce the fare for seniors and the poor by assessing developers and corporations whose property values soar when BART expands. It’s time to quit stalling and negotiate in good faith and not resort to anti-union state measures which will incur the wrath of organized labor and its allies in working class communities.
We unreservedly defend the BART workers. Tens of thousands of workers in the in union-strong Bay Area face hugely concessionary demands and are working without contracts. BART workers set the standard for many Bay Area contracts. We call on the labor movement and community groups to rally behind the BART workers who are fighting for all of us. United working class action can stop the race to the bottom! A rising tide lifts all boats! If not us, who? If not here, where? If not now, when?
Transport Workers Solidarity Committee (
August 12, 2013

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by Worker
Monday Aug 12th, 2013 10:32 PM
Most workers just want a fair contract and get back to work and not have to go on strike. The TWSC is never there when workers are attacked in the public. They do nothing to counter the lies from BART management's union busting operation. They only exist to promote their own agenda and get people sidetracked from the main issues.

The TWSC just wants a strike without regards to public opinion which is largely negative. BART management has successfully forced the 1st strike which pit the workers against the public with full corporate media support. The TWSC's position of promoting a strike without getting the public on the workers' side only serves to undermine the union's efforts.
by Register Peace & Freedom or Green
Tuesday Aug 13th, 2013 8:31 AM
This statement makes it very clear: These Democratic Party politicians are ALL on the side of management. THERE IS NO FAIR CONTRACT FROM DEMOCRATIC POLITICIANS. Currently, BART workers HAVE NO CONTRACT. That's right; the Democrats have busted the union temporarily. In 60 days, October 12, either Democrat Brown will run to his buddies, any judge, and get another strike prevention order, or tell his buddies, BART management, to impose a management contract on labor.

Labor's only weapon is the strike. When labor withdraws its hand, NOTHING MOVES, and therefore no profits are made. Only then can labor prevail as all management cares about is profits. Everything we have is because labor fought for it, namely, but not only: The 8 hour day, the 40 hour workweek, the weekend, vacations, sick leave, Worker's Compensation, any healthcare, Social Security, pensions, unemployment insurance, state disability insurance, the right to organize unions, non-discrimination clauses in union contracts forbidding racial, gender, religious or sexual orientation discrimination, anti-sexual harassment clauses in union contracts, a grievance procedure in union contracts, non-retaliation clauses in union contracts so workers can speak freely and publicly to the governor's panel and to the press.

If you do not move forward, you move backward. If you do not strike, you go backward with management. If you strike, you build a labor movement to put an end to the private profit system, the cause of all our grief and the destruction of the planet. The 4 days in July that we enjoyed a strike, we saw picketlines of BART workers where we could teach other labor culture, labor's songs and chants, and promote a labor movement, something this backward country has not seen in 60 years, which is why this country still has no socialized medicine, unlike the rest of the industrialized world, including all of Europe, Israel, Cuba, Canada, China, Japan, Australia and New Zealand, and why we still have the death penalty, an anti-labor weapon, unlike most of the world, including Mexico, Ivory Coast, South Africa and many other countries that are not part of the industrialized world. OUR GRIEF IN THIS COUNTRY IS BECAUSE LABOR IS WEAK and we can only get stronger by striking.

IT IS LUDICROUS that every single labor dispute involves healthcare as ALL HEALTHCARE MUST BE PAID FOR WITH OUR TAX DOLLARS instead of paying for the war machine, a profiteering racket supported by Democrats and Republicans as they both proudly state they have no difference on foreign policy, namely endless blood for oil wars as the greatest profits are in munitions and oil. YOU CANNOT HAVE GUNS AND BUTTER. Germany has had socialized medicine since 1883, under Bismarck, when the German workingclass also won pensions and unemployment insurance. American workers finally won the right to organize labor unions, Social Security and unemployment insurance in 1935 as a result of the 1934 general strikes in San Francisco, Minneapolis and Toledo. We did not win socialized medicine in 1935 because FDR wanted to appease the Dixiecrats, the Southern Democrats. In other words, racism prevented a victory for socialized medicine in 1935.

Public opinion is a vague advertising phrase. It is workingclass solidarity that we must build and that can only be done when labor strikes and takes the lead. We must teach the rest of the workingclass, the 80% of us who sell our labor for less than $80,000 a year, that labor must strike for all its needs as soon as a contract expires, and we must demand everything we need. In the Bay Area, you need an income of $120,000 a year or $60 per hour to buy a house and without a house, you cannot afford a family, so there is no worker’s wage that is too high. Every single supporter of the union, whether or not they belong to any union, must teach everyone they can to support every labor strike as an injury to one is an injury to all and when one group of workers advances, we all benefit. Workers who cannot commute to work when BART workers strike should learn to stay home, thus guaranteeing a labor victory sooner rather than later as no profits will be made until a union contract is won.

LABOR IS SO WEAK THAT BART HAS NO BATHROOMS AND THUS THE PUBLIC USES THE TRAINS AS BATHROOMS. In other words, BART IS A SEWER, and management does not care because it still maximizes profits. We can certainly reach people to support the strike by promoting public bathrooms at every train station, which should be a HEALTH CODE REQUIREMENT.

Both the Democrats and Republicans only care about profits, which are all labor's stolen wages. The only reason the Democrats exist is to make sure you never vote Red (socialist) or Green. That is why they mouth a few decent phrases at election time. Once elected, they carry out the same capitalist, anti-labor agenda as the Republicans because they are paid by the same capitalist class and their corporations. The only parties that are pro-labor are Peace & Freedom Party and the Green Party, AND THEREFORE THEY ARE THE ONLY VIABLE PARTIES. They need you now to stay on the ballot. You can register online at:

For more information, see:
by No More Concessions
Tuesday Aug 13th, 2013 12:23 PM
This "worker" who disagrees with the TWSC statement obviously thinks the workers public and private should continue to take concessions to "share the pain". This is the propaganda put out by the trade union bureaucracy who do not want to frontally challenge the very politicians they put in office. What the BART managers and Board of Directors have said is that the BART workers have to take wage cuts and concessions to pay for more trains and capital improvements. This is a political struggle against the billionaire corporations and developers who use BART to bring in their workers and don't want to pay for it. Instead they through the BART board of directors many supported by these same unions are saying that workers have to pay more. Simply business unionism and playing by the capitalist laws and rules will continue to get more givebacks by workers and further union busting.
The anonymous "worker" thinks that the workers should ignore politics and just focus on "their" own issues and this is a losing strategy and more and more BART workers and other workers understand this. This corporate ideology that dominates the politics and method of US unions is why we have the lowest unionization rate in the industrialized world and will continue the decline playing the corporate controlled game.
by Worker
Tuesday Aug 13th, 2013 6:07 PM
Note their constant attacks against the elected leaders of the unions and the Democratic party.

Who they do not attack? Republicans & union busters like Thomas Hock. True "comrades" would fend off attacks from the enemy when attacked instead of criticizing the leaders during a crisis.

And terms like "business unionism" comes directly from people who work in the union busting business. It frames the union as "greedy" just like how the unions and BART workers are being lied about by management and then spread by the Corporate media.

Look at the words they use and read what they write carefully. Outwardly, it looks like "solidarity" but it only serves to undermine the union.

If you look at some of the people behind the TWSC (they were all at the BART rally) their history goes back decades. They always pop up when there's a crisis to bash the "labor bureucrats". Between labor disputes, you never hear from them. All they got is criticism that undermines the union and worker's power.

People like the TWSC's biggest problem is drawing away the most militant workers who can inspire the rest of the crew. Once they become part of groups like TWSC (there are others), you never hear from those militants again except when there's a crisis and they'll be back to criticize the labor leaders (with the TWSC core members behind them) and do nothing to fight the right-wing's massively funded attacks against the workers.

by Register Peace & Freedom or Green
Wednesday Aug 14th, 2013 5:28 AM
"Worker" is clearly an experienced Democratic Party operative, telling lies and smearing everyone who criticizes the capitalist Democratic Party and its labor lieutenants of capitalism as "people who work in the union-busting business" when it is Worker who is a proud supporter of union-busters.

Democratic Governor Jerry Brown's obvious union-busting with his injunctions does not bother "Worker." The term "business unionism" is as old as labor unions and is based on the reality in capitalism that there is always an effort by some, the business unionists, to accommodate to the wishes of the capitalist class, while others wish to address the needs and interests of the workingclass, the primary purpose of labor unions. It comes from people who oppose the union-busting of business unionists.

Peace & Freedom Party has been in California since 1968 and the Green Party since 1990. Socialists have been in California since its inception in 1850. We all pay taxes to the State of California, which, through their state agency, BART, hired the union-buster, Thomas Hock, with $1.5 million of our tax dollars, and pay the general manager over $300,000 a year from our tax dollars. We have not heard any complaints from the Democratic Party about this union-busting with our tax dollars.

As to language, the English grammar problems such as "who do they attack" instead of "whom do they attack" and the use of terms like "right-wing" instead of capitalist are shameful. These language problems indicate a pretense of ignorance and thus are a clear sign that this "Worker" is engaged in a smear campaign against anyone who criticizes the Democrats or their labor lieutenants of capitalism, proving that "Worker" is reactionary, not the critics.

Perhaps "Worker" never hears from the critics of the Democratic Party and its labor lackeys, but we are here all the time and all our lives, making the same criticisms as needed, and we are not going anywhere.
by Worker
Wednesday Aug 14th, 2013 5:18 PM
Union busting comes primarily from the Republicans.... the right-wing. Anyone trying to conflate Democrat with Republican by calling them the capitalist parties is only doing the job of the capitalists.

If people behind the TWSC were genuine in their war against capitalism, they would be trying to make clear distinctions between Democrat and Republicans which there are profound differences. Framing Democrat and Republican as one merely unites them.

Republicans are the ones who harbor racists like David Duke who actually won a seat in the Louisiana state legislature in the late 90s. In the 60s, it was the Republican Richard Nixon who brought in Romanian fascist Iron Guardists to help bolster his vote. The vast majority of the huge campaign contributions from the biggest corporations in the U.S. are to the Republican party.

But once again, the TWSC were never there before the BART labor dispute. The people in and around that crew only show up to recruit away the more outspoken workers which weaken the union.

Reread the responses and remember the constant attack against the union leaders. They will always move towards attacking the union and never fight to make the union stronger.

In the past, it was red-baiting. Now, it comes dressed as a "socialist" with Democrat baiting.

by Worker
Wednesday Aug 14th, 2013 6:10 PM
You in the TWSC need to check your members. One of your crew calling for "Nationalization of Chevron" is a staunch anti-Green party ideologue who calls the Greens "capitalist".

Don't take my word for it. Search for yourself

Google and You Tube search "nationalization Chevron" and take note of who's speaking and check their blogs.

You see, the divisions do not simply stop when "they" divide the outspoken "radicals" from the mainstream. "They" go on and divide the divided. Division is simply a matter of tactical and strategic policy within the fake groups to perpetuate their irrelevance.

by Register Peace & Freedom or Green
Thursday Aug 15th, 2013 8:49 AM
"Worker" never responds but instead throw out more garbage as s/he buries himself/herself in the dustbin of history.

1. Union-busting
Democrat ruling class member, millionaire, Governor Jerry Brown, supported by the Democratic mayors of Oakland and San Francisco and the 2 millionaire US Senators, Democrats Feinstein and Boxer, is currently engaged in union-busting. These are the Democrats proudly supported by the Labor Lieutenants of Capitalism (LLC) commonly known as business unionists, who take worker's dues and whatever else they can steal and give it to the Democrats instead of doing labor organizing, so this country is only 10% organized, accounting for its extreme backwardness, including having the highest infant mortality and lowest life expectancy in the industrialized world because instead of having socialized medicine paid for with our tax dollars, we have insurance profiteering, currently being escalated by the Republican Romney-Democrat Obama Healthcare Plan. This writer pays $784 a month to be a member of Kaiser, plus $25 to see the doctor, $200 a day for hospitalization, etc. This is grand larceny, not healthcare.

The funding of reactionary Democrat Mayor Ed Lee of San Francisco from Democrat-Republicans is more fully described at

This writer remembers millionaire Democrat Willie Brown as mayor of San Francisco who threatened to use the city's Public Works Department to scab on the striking private profit garbage collection company. This is union-busting.

This writer also remembers very wealthy Democrat Joe Alioto as mayor of San Francisco who not only sent the vicious San Francisco Police Tactical Squad against the SF Labor Council endorsed labor-student picketline at San Francisco State in 1968 but also against striking Kaiser workers. This is union-busting.

No millionaire can represent the workingclass, the 80% of us who sell our labor for less than $80,000 a year, and neither can their rotten, fascist, war criminal parties, the Democrat-Republicans.

2. Racist Democrat-Republicans
Racism is the foundation of Nazi USA, the country in which we live. Racism justified the genocide of Native Americans and enslavement of Africans. The Dixiecrats were an integral part of the Democratic Party until 1970. Every cut of social services, including Social Security, in this country, is racist as well as anti-workingclass, proudly supported by both Democrats and Republicans. The prison-industrial complex and its death penalty, proudly supported by both Democrats and Republicans, are viciously racist and anti-labor, with some 50% of the prisoners on death row being African-American or Latino, and all are workingclass. Democrat Jerry Brown is right now acting exactly as his predecessor, Republican Schwarzenegger, in ignoring the very modest demands of the hunger-striking California prisoners, most of whom are Latino or African-American and all are workingclass. Every imperialist war in the mostly non-white world is viciously racist, and ALL US WARS ARE PROUDLY SUPPORTED BY BOTH DEMOCRATS AND REPUBLICANS AS THEY PROUDLY STATE THEY HAVE NO DIFFERENCE ON FOREIGN POLICY.

We Remember Hiroshima, We Remember Vietnam, Democratic Party, We Know Which Side You’re On! The racist atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were perpetrated by Democrat Harry Truman. The racist genocide of 3 million Vietnamese and 1 million Cambodians from 1954 to 1975, preceded in 1950-1953 (Truman was president in 1950) in Korea, with the racist genocide of 3 million Koreans and 1 million Chinese, was proudly supported by the equally anti-Communist Democrats and Republicans. This writer clearly remembers this anti-Communism and the anti-Communist presidents Kennedy and Johnson.

It was Democrat Truman who framed Julius and Ethel Rosenberg and Morton Sobell in 1950 to make Jew, Communist and traitor synonymous so as to justify the anti-communist war in Korea.

3. Racist Destruction of Palestine and Egypt
The Democratic Party, like the Republican Party, is a proud 100% supporter of their US military base and settler colony known as Israel, giving Israel $4 billion of our tax dollars, making it the 4th largest military power in the world to protect US corporate oil profits in the Middle East and all profits around the world. Israel was created with the slaughter of Palestinians, theft of Palestinian land and the continued torture and murder of Palestinians and theft of Palestinian land. Both the Democratic and Republican parties REEK OF ANTI-ARAB RACISM.

AT THIS VERY MOMENT, the US is arming the Egyptian government to slaughter the Egyptian people to prevent the democratically-elected government from being in office, under DEMOCRAT Obama, the worst president yet in memory, because capitalism is in its greatest state of decay. The President is simply the chairperson of the Board of Big Business, and whether they are Democrats or Republicans, they are selected to maximize the profits of the capitalist class, always by definition anti-workingclass.

4. Achievements of 1970s in spite of Democrat-Republicans
Nixon was certainly a vicious fascist, but labor was stronger, and we had large protests in the streets making possible the Environmental Protection Act of 1970 and Roe v Wade of 1973, guaranteeing a right to a safe and legal abortion. The majority opinion in Roe was written by Justice Blackmun, a Nixon appointee, while Justice White, a Kennedy appointee, dissented. It was not these twin capitalist parties of war and fascism that made these victories possible; it was our mass movements, under the umbrella of the peace movement against the war in Vietnam, a war of anti-Communism proudly supported by Democrats and Republicans.

TWSC is a ray of hope in the sea of darkness called capitalism. As this country’s Great Depression becomes worse than the Great Depression of the 1930s, that sliver of light will expand as the workingclass must fight to live.
by Brendan
Tuesday Aug 20th, 2013 10:11 AM
'' Worker'' really doesn't know what he/she is talking about re the TWSC . Many/most members are certainly active on day to day issues at their workplace and union. All the routine but necessary stuff that keeps a union going they have done as shop stewards, exec board members, Contract Bargaining committee, etc. The idea that they only are active when there is a pre-strike situation is bullshit .
But yeah there is a helluva lot wrong with a Labor leadership that has allowed the Unionization rate to have shrunk to, at most 12% of the working class. And please don't say it's all the fault of the terrible GOP . They are terrible and they are hostile to any unions. But who can you blame in Oakland. Berkeley , San Francisco, Emeryville, Hayward etc where ALL the Mayors and City Council members are Democrats ? or in Concord, Walnut Creek, Fremont, Vallejo and San Jose where a large majority are dems ?
No to mention the BART and AC transit boards that are mostly Dems but are backing those agency's respective mgmt 's.
''Worker'' may not like the DP be called a ''Capitalist party ''but that's the cold reality .
So yes any serious union man or woman needs to do both , file grievances on behalf of a worker that is written up for some bullshit reasons And fight for WINNING not just ''settling '' a contact struggle .And you can't be shy about criticizing any one that gets in the way of such a victory .