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Bogus POTUS speech on drone strikes
by DLi
Tuesday May 28th, 2013 10:11 PM
Faced with mounting and justifiable global protests over illegal U.S. drone attacks on civilians, the White House Occupier(WHO) last week gave a speech that consisted of lies, PR spin, and questionable rationales, all couched in some general and vague promises on future transparency and accountability. But based on the Washington regime's despicable record of secrecy and JSOC assassinations, there is every reason to believe the latest pledge is mere damage control, with zero intention to fundamentally change the "Full Spectrum Dominance" militancy of the USA empire.
Let's face the facts: in the only admission of killing American citizens, the "O-bomber" regime has killed 3 totally innocent civilians(one of whom is the 16-year-old son of Anwar Aw-laki, the alleged terrorist instigator). Even disregarding the fact that the White House had never released any legally-consistent evidence of Anwar's alleged crimes, the rock solid proof is that the illegal drone attack killed 3 non-guilty citizens just to get at ONE purported bad guy. If the Mafia had committed such a botched hit job, surely several heads would roll as a consequence. Yet, not a single US official was reprimanded, let alone prosecuted, for such a heinous act of wanton murder.

The truth of the matter is, the declining USA empire--now that its Clunkered Capitalist economy has achieved the permanent "Long Recession"--is desperate to revive its global influence via the only card it has, Full Spectrum Militarism. Hence, it has no intention to woo friends and allies with "soft power." Instead, nuclear blackmail and illegal drone attacks, especially on small Third World nations whom the empire deems to be vulnerable victims, are its policies of choice. Until the global progressive movement can unite and mount an effective WPO(world public opinon)counterpoint, or the empire suffers another one of its financial implosion, the Evil Empire will continue to pay lip service to "humanitarian" missions, while it aggressively pursues regime change campaigns all aroud the Globe. Such is the sobering reality facing our 7 billion Planetary citizens in this coming decade...Stay tuned for more Imperialist saber-rattling by Washington, even as its domestic infrastructure is hollowed out by a war-hungry power elite.
by Stephen Paulmier
Tuesday May 28th, 2013 10:27 PM
DLi makes the naked king blush. Now its our turn to indict the perpetrators of these heinous acts, the President, the Congress and the Judiciary for the high crimes they have committed. The choice is clear.
by DLi
Saturday Jun 1st, 2013 12:53 PM
Our likeable "Punahou Barry"--the (Black)White House mouthpiece selected by the Pentagon-Wall Street ruling elite--can afford his magnanimous rhetoric about "shutting down Guantanamo" and, even more fantastically, ending the "Global War on/of Terror" is precisely because he knows for a FACT that the Fascist-leaning RightWing Nuts in the GOP(or even the NeoLIBs in his own "Dim-o-craps" party)would aggressively obstruct any move to downgrade USA Empire's decades-long commitment to Full Spectrum Dominance Militarism in world affairs! So there is no chance in Hell that Barack's smooth-talking jive ia anything but hypocritical political grandstanding, and another cynical tactic in "fooling most of the people...most of the time."

This is the ultimate "brilliance" of Madison Avenue-concocted "Art of Deniability."