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Thousands march through Athens in support of IndyMedia and Counter-Information
Friday Apr 26th, 2013 1:08 PM
In the captial of Greece, thousands marched in support of Independent Media on Thursday. The shutdown of independent media in Athens coincided with a general media blackout of protest throughout Greece during the anniversity of the April 21, 1967 CIA coup that reinstated Fascism in Greece. Students of the National Technical University of Athens continue the struggle to protect their educational system from draconian reductions and protect their freedom of speech

The original Propylaea is the gateway, the monumental gateway, that serves as the entrance to the Acropolis in Athens.. Through the gateway of the Propylaea on Panepistimiou street in downtown Athens, we entered a new era on Wednesday morning when a huge banner proclaimed “Raise your voice – Fight against state censorship – &” This only lasted a few hours before the area was swarmed by riot police, and who rounded up 69 people. Thousands of people came out Thursday (photo above) for a planned demonstration to support Athens Indymedia and "counter-information" radio, the media outlets closed by authorities the previous week. All the detainees have been released, but 6 must return to face the state prosecutor on May 8th.

Athens Indymedia set themselves up in the office of The Rector they so despise, and connected to the internet long enough to announce and organize the mass protest of Thursday, April 25. But late Friday, the world searches for the beacon of and finds none.

For now we go to the translation site for footage of the protest. Be also reminded to check

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Footage from the anti-repression demo on April 25th in downtown Athens, in solidarity with Athens IMC and 98FM radio station

A few slogans chanted during the protest march:

‘From Athens to Mexico, create thousands of indymedia sites so that repressors get wiser’

‘Indymedia is a voice from the streets; not one step back in the face of repression’

‘Pirate radios and self-organized spaces inside faculties; the academic asylum belongs to fighters’

‘This is how you do it right: take down the Greek flag and raise a protest banner’ (reference to the 24/4 action at Propylaea)

‘Cybersecurity is not feasible; proletarians/trolletarians have no IP’

‘10, 100, 1000 indymedia sites against a world filled with rotten media’

Previous story has details and photo of banner drop.