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Human Trafficking - Everyone Can Help
by Eleanor White
Monday Apr 22nd, 2013 12:39 PM
A retired New York City police detective has come up with a plan where all ordinary citizens can have a substantial impact on efforts to stop human trafficking.

For some years now, I have been listening to radio interviews with Jim Rothstein, retired NYPD detective, now living in Minnesota. Jim has been describing his lifetime work, both as a police officer and retiree, trying to serve and protect victims of human trafficking, particularly child sex trafficking. He has now developed a way all of us can help.

In December 2012, Jim described, on the radio, a project he has had some success with in the St. Cloud, Minnesota area. His idea is to gather (primarily) mothers, and visit officials who have the authority to either pursue trafficking cases, or, all too often, to order officers or district/crown attorneys OFF trafficking cases.

This group is named "Mothers Against Trafficking."

Jim's group, 5 in person, many more ready to perform a mass telephone campaign, urge and pressure these officials to not drop cases, and if the officials don't respond positively, demand they keep the cases open, en masse.

Jim states that the number one reason why trafficking continues at a high level is that far too many officers and district or crown attorneys who want to prosecute these cases are ordered off, and fairly often, have their careers ended.

Although most members of these groups are women, (at least in the beginning,) the participation of men is certainly hoped for.

Here is a flyer I've put together and which Jim has approved. I'm circulating it to people who may be interested in trying such a project in their local areas, based on Jim's appeal for help in establishing groups in many cities:

That flyer links to radio interviews with Jim about M.A.T. and his career.

If anyone would be interested in setting up a Mothers Against Trafficking group, please feel free to contact Jim directly:

boots (at)

Eleanor White