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Op/Ed: Modern Masters of Technological Do-Hickey Flip Kill-switch on First Amendment
by By Pampilia Diotima-Beatrix (edward.h.campbell [at]
Friday Mar 29th, 2013 12:01 PM
Dear Secretary of State John Kerry:

Why does the State Department complain about censorship of the Internet by foreign powers when Google itself is participating in a DOS attack on Pampilia's News Transmitter, censoring your office, inter alios, in so doing.

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I guess it goes to show what happens when we let the modern masters of technological Do-Hickey control the kill-switch on the First Amendment.

But more importantly underscores the poverty of an education system that emphasizes "Math and Science," which is not really an education at all.

The Department of State is itself throwing money at a break-neck pace in the direction of math and science, to the expense of all else, at the same time forgetting: philosophy is ‘The Queen of All Sciences.”

Where the ‘exception proves the rule,’ Edward Campbell Media is not censored for doing the same thing News transmitter does, or rather would do if permitted to so do.

The fact that Edward Campbell Media has not been removed, but the fact a transgendered woman’s website which does the same thing has been censored proves discrimination, because the rule is the exact opposite of the exception.

Obviously Google has no trouble with She-male pornography, but just try to succeed at anything else, you can’t because those that hate won’t let us.

Now their threatening to remove not only ECM, but also Inopibus Press: Seattle. Such an act would be not only intolerable, totalitarian, and tyrannical.

I thought the fascist anti-press freedom organization Indybay is bad, but Google is far more powerful and far more dangerous.

But over all it demonstrates the mentality, political objectives, and ethical poverty of every one like them, such as: Wikileaks, Anonymous, the awfully pathetic and cynical blackmailer Aaron Swartz, his supporters, and the treasonous back-stabbing swindler Bradley Manning.

Lacking in ethical background U.S. Department of State press releases are by those people labeled “spam” and summarily censored under the sinister euphemism “hidden,” but isn’t hidden knowledge censored speech?

Richard Nixon wrote in his book In the Arena: “We need to remember that simply because the United States is the major military power in the free world, that does not mean that we have a monopoly on intellectual power.” It is also important that we understand. Technological do-hickeys are a certain kind of knowledge, but philosophy is the key to understanding. Technological do-hickeys can best serve war, understanding serves the quality of life.

The Chinese building for the P.L.A. Unit 61398 is no doubt of grave concern, but we could also call Google’s attack on News Transmitter "insider hacking," a DOS attack, maybe even cyber-terrorism, but most certainly a violation of U.S. law, particularly here in Massachusetts where discrimination based on “gender identity” is in the law enshrined.

And insider attacks, if the Civil War proved anything, are by far the most dangerous.

Pampilia Diotima-Beatrix,
Blogger-in-Chief, Edward Campbell Media.