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Victory To Those Protesting the Sale Of the Berkeley Post Office
by Property Of The People
Saturday Mar 9th, 2013 1:05 PM
The Obama administration is attempting to sell off valuable USPS and HUD property around the country... perhaps to pay for its illegal drones and bombs, assassination bureaucrats
The number of post offices in the US is now one half of the number in 1900. Bush and Obama have eliminated 10% with another 10% scheduled.

One can no longer put packages of more than 13 ounces into a mailbox carrier. This security rule is one of many effects of the black op of Sept 11, 2001. There are tens of thousands enrolled as members of Firefighers for 911 Truth, Engineers for 911 Truth, Pilots For 911 Truth, Scholars For 911 Truth etc. These are only an infinitesimal fraction of 911 truthtelling groups.

This writer had to walk 12 blocks to post a letter.

As money has been diverted from the USPS fund for Pentagon bombing of Muslim babies around the world, the service of the USPS has continued to decline with fewer hours of postoffice availability.

Recycling containers are not in all post offices and in those that they are present, they are often small with slits to narrow for the recycling of larger boxes.

The trillions of dollars spent on illegal wars by the US government has meant plummeting in education, in health care, in library services, in virtually every area of life.

Book mailing envelopes cost $2.19 or more.

The deforesting heads of the USPS do not provide recycled envelopes, give an unnecessary 1/3 of a page receipt for a postage stamp, and do not in many offices, provide small envelopes, only business sized ones.

Now the USPS is seeking to sell off the most valuable postoffices such as the one in Berkeley.

Meanwhile petty tyrants in smaller post offices no longer give mail to those who have photo id but have forgotten their key.... and often refuse to honor the status of 'no junk mail' of those who have gone to great effort in preventing junk mail by calling and writing the Direct Marketing Association, Red Plum, and other planetary deforesters cutting trees for junk ads which further kill trees by clogging landfills. They continue to shove newspaper sized packets into the box if addressed to 'occupant', 'resident' or 'boxholder', rewarding those junkmailers who don't even know your name.