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Bradley Manning--a victim of U.S. "enhanced intimidation techniques"!
by DLi
Tuesday Mar 5th, 2013 1:49 AM
Army Pvt. Bradley Manning, after subject to over 1,000 days of incarceration--including months of solitary confinement bordering on torture--agreed to plead guilty on several counts of "releasing classified material" to Wikileaks. The released documents--the authencity of which was never contested by the U.S. government--clearly revealed the criminal depravity of American Imperial policies in Iraq & elsewhere since 9-11-2001. Manning's statement emphasized that his primary motive was to inform the American public on the true facts--rather than the official and corporate propaganda--of the illegal and immoral invasion of Iraq, and that he hoped the released info would enable ordinary citizens to have an informed debate on U.S. foreign policies.
However, despite Obama's campaign promise for a more transparent government and his(evidently empty)vow of protecting whistleblowers, the harsh reality is that the Obama regime--on a scale even more draconian than the NeoCon Bushed White House--has gone on an accelerated witchhunt to persecute government whistleblowers. The harsh treatment being used on Manning is typical of the "enhanced intimidation techniques" now being used to deal with political dissidents and Federal employees who expose government corruption and malfeasance. Employing solitary confinement and charging alleged wrongdoers with exaggerated claims of " endangering national security" and "aiding the enemy," Federal prosecutors in effect coerce violators of minor infractions to cop plea bargains, just to avoid spending the rest of their lives rotting in America's unjust prison-industrial-complex. As a result, the corporate-bin-Laden media will report a large number of "guilty verdicts" on these trumped-up "terrorism" charges, and the Public is intentionally led--and fed--to the conclusion that the government is "protecting" us from large numbers of evil-doers.

The truth is, people like Bradley Manning are real heroes who are desperately trying to inform the Public on the repressive nature of a government which is being controlled by the Wall Street-Pentagon ruling elite. Informed citizens must therefore, resolutely oppose the increasing use of the "enhanced intimidation techniques" employed by a Washington regime that is, more and more, becoming a naked Dictatorship of the Profitariat!