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Let There Be Light!
by Steve Pleich
Sunday Mar 3rd, 2013 10:07 AM
Public Safety 101
Our community is in darkness and not only because we are all enshrouded by the unexpressable sadness of recent events. We are also wandering in the dark in search of the way forward as a community of people. We stand at the crossroads of our collective hopes and fears and wonder aloud and to ourselves how we can again deliver ourselves into the light of life. And yet as we do so, we must search for and identify both the spiritual and the practical pathes. I will leave the spiritual path for each of us individually to ponder, but as to a practical path forward I do have one to offer: let there be light!

Anyone who has taken a casual stroll through any of our neighborhoods at night must have noticeed one thing, the virtally total lack of illumination. Our community is singularly unlit in this respect. Although many neighborhood groups have adopted the public safety strategy of putting more "eyes" on our problem areas, it seems that no one has thought to simply put more light on the problem. So I suggest just that.

Lets' create a city sponsored program that provides more light for our community in the form of more and brighter street lighting. The city should also consider offering incentives for a program that will enable every resident to install a front porch light on every residence in every neighborhood. This may also be an opportunity to revisit the Blue Light Safety Project envisioned by our good friend Wes Modes.

In these ways, at least, we can together begin the journey out of the darkness and into the light.
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