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Former KPFA BET co-host Aimee Allison Now Mouthpiece For Bully Privatizer SF Mayor
by repost
Monday Feb 11th, 2013 6:53 AM
Aimee Allison the former KPFA co-host on the Morning Show with "Save KPFA" Supporter Brian Edward-Tiekert BET is now a mouthpiece for racist bully and privatizing SF Mayor Ed Lee. BET also hired a Republican law firm to represent him against KPFA and Pacifica. Allison is apparently for hire to the highest bidder.
Former KPFA BET co-host Aimee Allison Now Mouthpiece For Bully & Privatizer SF Mayor Ed Lee? Mirkarimi Excluded From SF City Funded Event By Lee
Heart and arrow: What better way to celebrate Valentine's Day than a giant civic rally on the steps of San Francisco City Hall to condemn global violence against women and girls?
Mayor Ed Lee, District Attorney George Gascón and Board of Supervisors President David Chiu will all be on hand, and the invites have gone out to the rest of the supervisors as well.
As for Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi, who's still on probation for a domestic violence involving his wife?
"We haven't had a chance" to invite him, said Aimee Allison, spokeswoman for the Department on the Status of Women, which is helping organize the gathering.
She quickly added: "Every elected official is welcome to be there - it's a public event."
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by Never Forgive, Never Forget
Monday Feb 11th, 2013 8:20 AM
Brian Edward Tiekert, former co-host of Allison, is more fully described as a Republican Party activist at

San Francisco Democractic Party Mayor Ed Lee committed massive election fraud to get selected as mayor. See

Upon being appointed interim mayor, he had stated he would not run for election, a lie. When he did run, he ran effectively as an incumbent. Mayor Ed Lee is a rotten mouthpiece for the capitalist class, promoting the Central Subway boondoggle, condemned by the Civil Grand Jury, a dress code for San Francisco with the pretext being the silly old men sitting naked in the sun in the Castro so as to gentrify the entire city, and have his mouthpiece on the Board of Supervisors, Roy Cohn-Scott Wiener (Roy Cohn was one of the Democratic Party prosecuting attorneys of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg and Morton Sobell to, as Julius Rosenberg said, make Jew, Communist and traitor synonymous to promote the anti-communist war against Korea) try to prevent poor schoolchildren from having free bus passes. The bus pass ordinance finally passed and 18,000 schoolchildren qualify, all of whom have a right to an education, with bus passes being the key to that right as there are no neighborhood schools and no school buses.

The audio is the news report by Ann Garrison on KPFA, 94.1 FM, 10/22/11, 6 p.m. news at (has Ann's audio excerpt and pictures from the video below)
And here is the video:

There were also allegations of money-laundering by the Ed Lee campaign, in collaboration with a notorious eviction strongman, Archway Property Services, which terrorized tenants at apartments owned by CitiApartments. Archway asked its employees to contribute $500 each to Lee's campaign, claiming they would be reimbursed.

The benchmark website on the Democrats' election fraud in San Francisco when Democrat Willie Brown was mayor is:
and in the 1970s, involving Willie Brown, George Moscone, Jerry Brown and all the rest of the Democrats and their CIA front, the People's Temple, at:

People are known by the company they keep. Willie Brown hosted an election party for Ed Lee at the Sheraton Palace on Election Night, 11/8/11, and was one of the people who urged Ed Lee to run for mayor. See

As to to the election fraud ofDemocrat Willie Brown in the 49er Stadium Swindle election of June 3, 1997, described on the brasscheck site, his election fraud team murdered a female poll worker, Delores Evans, and 5 children, including girls, in their Housing Authority home in a mysterious fire from which the fire inspector said they could have escaped but someone stopped them, on December 13, 1997, 10 days after the election fraud lawsuit was filed in which Ms. Evans was about to testify as to the election fraud she witnessed on June 3, 1997. This is described in the introduction to the above brasscheck site. The Democratic Party of San Francisco has total contempt for women and girls.
by reality check
Monday Feb 11th, 2013 10:43 AM
what a bunch of slanderous BS. Who writes this crap and why don't they use their real name when slandering an activist? What have you done lately?
by wondering
Monday Feb 11th, 2013 11:33 AM
"why don't they use their real name when slandering..."
-- So, why didn't you sign your name to the above comment? Either that, or explain why you consider it "slandering"

by clocking in
Tuesday Feb 12th, 2013 7:43 PM
who writes this stuff? it's probably the same guy who's suing kpfa activists for fundraising and his two-bit lawyer.... there are a fair number of nutso people at kpfa, and unfortunately some of them are now in positions of power thanks to tracy rosenberg's bunch. they seem to hate amy goodman, brian edwards-tiekert, aimee allison, etc. - in other words, anyone who is actually doing good journalism at the station.
by ?
Wednesday Feb 13th, 2013 8:24 PM
Amy Goodman isn't "at the station". Amy Goodman works in NY. She's always worked in New York. When she worked at Pacifica, it was at WBAI-FM. She hasn't worked for Pacifica since 2002.

On the rest of this, Aimee Allison hasn't been an activist for years and years. She's a "personality" who tries to get paid for appearing in various places and currently working for a conservative democratic administration in San Francisco.

Edwards-Tiekert is a radio host, not an activist. He recently interviewed a pro-super-cop academic on the morning of the Bratton vote at the Oakland City Council, something that deeply angered anti-police brutality activists who felt deeply undermined. Correctly so.
by Richard Phelps, former Chair KPFA LSB
Thursday Feb 14th, 2013 1:53 PM
When the truth hurts SaveKPFA always distorts reality. "Clocking in" is a perfect example. Taking a cheap and dishonest shot at Daniel Borgstrom and I. When we post we USE OUR NAMES, unlike those that attack us with lies and distortions. They don't want to stand up and be accountable for the crap they write.

The law suit is against members of Pacifica's elected governance for competing against Pacifica's fundraising for SaveKPFA's sectarian goals. It is not over "activists' fund raising". If that was the case there could be many more defendants. SaveKPFA members that were not part of Pacifica governance are not guilty of "breach of the duty of loyalty". Those that were elected to seats in Pacifica governance must not compete againat Pacifica.

Or as the Justice of the Court of Appeal said to their lawyer: " If your clients wanted to participate in your fund drive, competing with KPFA's, shouldn't they have resigned from their positions in Pacifica governance?" A rhetorical question, the obvious answer being "YES". Not the answer given by their lawyer, which was evasive at best.

Another distortion of history is trying to say we hate Amy Goodman! We were the ones back in 2003-4 that fought to have Democracy Now! moved to prime time 7-8 am, where it belonged, while the entrenced news department staff and their allies, fought to keep prime time for themselves. They are the same people that are now allied with SaveKPFA, after changing their name from Concerned Listeners and before that KPFAForward. Why do they keep changing their sectarian front group's name? So that their new recruits can say "I wasn't part of what Concerned Listerners did, I know nothing about those election they are accused of fixing or dumping the Unpaid Staff Organization, or hiding a $375,000.00 check for a year,"etc, etc.

Sad to say but SaveKPFA seems to be as devoid of moral character as the Democratic and Republican parties.

How can we possibly build a better, more progressive, and just society, if so many of those claiming to be progressive, chose to practice the corporate model of "SPIN TO WIN", ignoring their proclaimed concern for transparency, due process, honesty and fair elections, that they demand from US politicians, while practicing the same methods of operation while dealing with us?

by Never Forgive, Never Forget
Friday Feb 15th, 2013 1:22 AM
This is the most outrageous act yet of reactionary Brian Edwards Tiekert, interviewing some pro-cop academic when the Oakland City Council gave $350,000 of taxpayer money to ex-cop Bratton to promote racist stop and frisk. I can hardly wait to hear what so-called leftists and SaveKPFA KPFA LSB board members like Marge Wilkinson, the millionaire Hallinan brothers, Malcolm Burnstein, Jack Kurzweil and Dan Siegel have to say about this promotion of fascism that does not belong on KPFA at all. This is coupled with the horrifying racist treatment of JR, more fully described at

We have another Local Station Board election this year and this information about Tiekert's promotion of Bratton's police state and JR's audio should be on the United for Community Radio site at