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Stop Driving Global Warming Day
by hawkfeather
Wednesday Feb 6th, 2013 5:35 PM
Various happenings brought about by the coming of William Bratton to Oakland and the mass suicidal madness of automobile use

Break time is over, kids. William `Bull Conner` Bratton, the mover and shaker behind the NYPD's infamously racist `Stop and Frisk` policy, is coming to town. This policy ordains that any law enforcement agent may legally (no 4th Amendment balderdash here) detain and search any individual who they deem as `suspicious`, regardless of whether that individual is engaged in any activity which may reasonably be regarded as suspect. Given law enforcement's proven proclivity for thinking the worst of the non-white community, we all know what that means. And even though this practice was recently ruled UNCONSTITUTIONAL by a New York judge, its author is being ensconced as an `advisor` to the OPD on how to bring them into civil rights compliance. IMHO, that would be like engaging Osama bin Laden to counsel the Taliban on how not to be such extremists.

The bottom line is this: It's not the Oaktown PD that's being put into federal receivership, it's the city of Oakland that's being put into federal receivership. Oaktown is being remade into what amounts to a `Rez` (Indian reservation), constantly under the malevolent eye of NDAA\FISA Nazi commander-in-(handker)chief(head) Obomba's Dept. of Homeland Supremacy.

So the time for standing down is past. That's why the Tuk-Pikuni (the tree-tribe), the spiritual progenitor of the Idle No More movement, are calling on the Occupy movement at large to join us in retaking Oscar Grant Plaza in downtown Oakland. We'll also be joining Idle No More on Stop Driving Global Warming Day, which is Monday next, Feb. 11th, 2013. Mark that on your calendars as the day to join us in DIRECT ACTIONS to bring a halt to the Earth-killing, self-destructive practice of automobile use in the Bay Area, or, at the very least, as the day TO STAY OUT OF YOUR CAR.

For more information, direct your browser to A-ho.