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Who Is SEIU1021 Pres Roxanne Sanchez And Did Randy Shaw THC Boss Help Get Her Elected?
by Labor Video Project
Wednesday Feb 6th, 2013 4:54 PM
According to former Tendernloin Housing Clinic TLC SEIU 1021 shop steward Nathaniel Holmes, the SEIU top officials refused to support him and other workers at the Clinic which is run by Randy Shaw the Executive Director and also the editor of "Beyond Chron". Additionally Holmes reported that after he was fired Holmes hired former SEIU 1021 Bart worker Roxanne Sanchez which allowed her to run for president of the local on a reform slate. After he hired her according to Holmes, she shunned him and refused to take up the fight for justice against Shaw.
Who Is SEIU1021 Pres Roxanne Sanchez And Did Randy Shaw THC Boss Help Get Her Elected?
According to fired SEIU 1021 Tenderloin Housing Clinic shop steward Nathaniel Holmes, the president of SEIU 1021 refused to support him after he was fired by the Tenderloin Housing Executive Director Randy Shaw who is also the editor of "Beyond Chron". Shaw also hired Roxanne Sanchez after firing Holmes so she would be able to run for president of SEIU 1021 after she left BART. This is the statement made by Shaw after the election of Roxanne Sanchez to president of SEIU 1021 and while there was a grievance against him for discrimination and retaliation for union activity.
"Rejecting Stern Appointees, SEIU1021 Members Give Reformers Election Sweep"
by Randy Shaw‚ Mar. 01‚ 2010
Well, the times are about to be changing at SEIU 1021. The winning slate will not be content rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic; this is a veteran group that knows that SEIU 1021’s success requires bottom-up, democratic unionism, and it will not deviate from its mission to empower workers. (Disclosure: Both newly-elected President Sanchez and Political Action Chair Alexander are employees of the Tenderloin Housing Clinic, which I head and is the publisher of Beyond Chron)."
Production of Labor Video Project
§Randy Shaw At SF City Hall
by Labor Video Project Wednesday Feb 6th, 2013 4:54 PM
Randy Shaw gets more than $20 million from the SF city government and hired now SEIU 1021 president Roxanne Sanchez so she could run for president of the Local while there was a grievance against him by Nathaniel Holmes.
§Solidarity picket at Tenderloin Housing Clinic
by Labor Video Project Wednesday Feb 6th, 2013 4:54 PM
Roxanne Sanchez according to former SEIU 1021 TLC shop steward Nathaniel Holmes refused to support a picket line to protest his illegal firing.
§Randy Shaw Publicizes Connections
by Labor Video Project Wednesday Feb 6th, 2013 4:54 PM
The Other Chron editor Randy Shaw admits that both Roxanne Sanchez and Alysabeth Alexander are his employees but he does not point that his hiring of Sanchez allowed her to become president and that he has a pending grievance by SEIU 1021 TLC shop steward.
§Beyond Chron Lauds "Reformers"
by Labor Video Project Wednesday Feb 6th, 2013 4:54 PM
Randy Shaw and his blog "Beyond Chron" lauded the new slate at SEIU 1021 that he was instrumental in helping to support by hiring Roxanne Sanchez so she could run for president of the local
§Tenderloin Housing Clinic Workers Pitiful Plight
by Tenderloin Housing Clinic Shop Steward Tuesday Mar 5th, 2013 5:05 AM
Workers at Tenderloin Housing Clinic are being abused in the workplace by tenants and absolutely nothing is being addressed by management nor the SEIU1021 union reps. So called union reps A. Alexander and Roxanne Sanchez are given special treatment while workers pay dues -only to get insulted.

Tenderloin Housing Clinic"s workers are afraid to speak up for fear of retaliation and losing job - even though we have a union that continues to protect the Director Randy Shaw and sweep unfair labor and discriminatory practices under the rug. One worker was spit on at the Hartland Hotel and transferred to another site and yet another worker was jumped on at the Seneca Hotel and nothing was done about it. The time has come to take this matter to the board of supervisors or Human Services to resolve.
As a former employee at THC I can say that this lady was an employee for a few months while Nate Holmes had a pending grievance against Shaw. I attended a couple of protests that Mr. Holmes organized and never did I see Roxanne Sanchez or Alysabeth Alexander attend, it's very strange considering that Alysabeth Alexander signed the letter that workers circulated along with 50 members and only Nate was fired.
I was fired from the Jefferson Hotel, a property that THC manages. Roxanne Sanchez and Alysabeth Alexander did nothing to help me keep my job after working at the Jefferson for over eight years before Alysabeth and Roxanne came to work . Other union members continue to get the boot while Alysabeth and Roxanne stand by doing outreach for other purposes except for union members. Nate, may God bless him, filed grievances and stood up against the unfair labor practices even when his Union rep Daz failed to represent him with finding. Roxanne and Alysabeth should hold their heads down in shame for being phonies to people who elected them.
by Employee at Tenderloin Housing Clinic
Tuesday Feb 12th, 2013 5:42 AM
Weak office holders like Roxanne Sanchez and Alysabeth Alexander only add to the many racist and dysfunctional ways that this nonprofit operates. We need a overhaul like that at the SF Housing Authority - take out the old and bring in the new - starting at the top. Too many egos and the more things change the more things remain the same. Union members continue to pay dues because that's the way business unions operate without any genuine concern for members and letting Shaw off the hook.
I am a former employee at THC ( Mission Hotel, Royan Hotel), call it what u want white backlash, Jim Crow practices. Alysabeth and Roxanne did not come to the aid of many union members. Union members help to send Alysabeth Alexander on a trip to San Juan for the International convention and she continue to represent own her concerns and not union members. In fact, she signed the very letter sent to Local 87 by THC Desk Clerks, Janitors, etc. Nate Holmes was the only person fired for his participation. I know the facts and she did absolutely next to nothing to help Nate. It appears that she had to satisfy Mr. Progressive Shaw. SEIU1021 have now added Chris Daly to it's $100,000. This is total madness!!
I am a former manager at the Looper Residence. I worked hard to get the union in at THC however it turned out to be just another way to make money for SEIU1021. Roxanne and Alysabeth were tools for the ED to use if needed for example not doing anything to help Shop Steward Holmes in his grievances at the Housing Department just like LAPD in the Dorner's case. Doing whatever they could to keep this matter from the courthouse. THC is a sad place to be for union people.
THC management is on same level as SFHA except that Shaw is white and tight with City Hall folks. The folks at City Hal and SEIU1021 work together to cover their Jim Crow practices even with a few Blacks on the front lines ( just thankful for being on E-Board). It takes years for employment matters to be settle but I believe that Mr. Holmes is in the right arena to get justice. I believe that Roxanne and Alysabeth get special treatment for being elected union-management people.Sad.
by Steven Delgado
Saturday Nov 26th, 2016 10:20 AM
Roxanne Sanchez is a lier she is in it for the money not the workers she did nothing to help me when Bart was trying to fire me she had a couple of rookies to take my case( false charges against me) they walked me out the door I had been at Bart for 321/2 years I supported my union I payed my dues but they did not fight for me and I was forced to retire or lose my home. She never showed up to my hearing I needed her but she let me and my family down and now we suffer she won't return my calls her staff are just as bad.i will go to one of her rally's and I will speak and let all know all she had to do was come to my hearing and have me put back to work but she never did. She doesn't care about you or me or your suffering family. She better get me back to work or you will read about her in the news soon and me I can't take seeing my family suffer anymore so she will see me and hear me again. Please pray for me.