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International | Anti-War

Just Say No to state-sponsored "equal opportunity" violence!
by DLi
Saturday Jan 26th, 2013 1:55 AM
Why is there so much fanfare from the corporate-bin-Laden media's promotion to lift the official ban on women serving in combat roles? Are we fair-minded citizens being seduced to join in the--quite frankly misguided & manipulated--chorus to support gender equality?
Yes, the scourge of anti-women discrimination must be vigorously opposed. But in this particular case, the larger--and more urgrent--debate should be, "Why are we asking our young people, including the 'better half,' to commit violence in support of U.S. Imperial foreign policies that have literally killed untold thousands of innocent civilians globally since 2001"?

I know I speak for millions of our Planetary citizens in NOT applauding this thinly-veiled "reform" in the Dept. of War. Why should I support "equal opportunity" in carrying out increased state-sponsored aggression?