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CBS News Portrays Pregnant Woman's Fear Of The Police As Fear Of The Streets
by BellaEiko (Reposted)
Friday Jan 25th, 2013 2:50 PM

CBS News Portrays Pregnant Woman's Fear Of The Police As Fear Of The Streets... Then Changes Headline When We Call Them Out...? PFailBlog IndyBay Repost.


OAKLAND- "Take a government that doesn’t listen to its residents and takes every opportunity to criminalize its community instead of invest in its ability to sustain itself via education, jobs and housing and put that together with Mainstream Media outlets like CBS who will take my statements in this speech (http://youtu.be/PoOsvbfsrdg) and put a spin on it to indicate that it is not the police I am afraid of, but that I would like more police for protection from my own community. Do you know what you get? According to Desley Brooks, Council Woman for District 6 during an interview with Davey D “When you keep putting gimmicks in front of a community on an issue as emotional as crime, you further distance yourself from the community”. I say, you get a citizenry that is outraged! One that is tired of being ignored and lied on, silenced and criminalized. You get a muted voice that is too strong to be ignored.

Here is a copy of the CBS obvious slanderous attempt to use my passion to sell the very thing I am opposed to (http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-18563_162-57565532/oakland-mom-i-am-scared-to-be-having-a-black-boy/). If this was a Lifetime mob movie, the news outlet would be responsible for the hit put out on me once people thought I was actually pro police in a community being oppressed by the police. I shouldn’t have to actually get death threats to be able to request a retraction of this horrible misrepresentation of my character. Likewise, news outlets should be held accountable and do things like fact checks and presenting factual news, not slanderous misrepresentations to fit their own biased narrative. I know that the world is riddled with racism but that is no excuse for the lack of journalistic integrity."

... excerpted from the link: http://politicalfailblog.com/archives/6588