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Redwood Grouping Ruined @ College & Claremont, Oakland
by Bay Area Occupier
Thursday Jan 24th, 2013 8:12 PM
A group of redwoods and other trees have been ruined at a construction site which used to be a gas station on College and Claremont, Oakland. The trees have yellow tags which state the trees are not to be removed; however, the machinery used to dig up the soil damaged the roots to every single tree in the lot. In working the lot, the work crew did not allow enough space around the root-balls of the trees.
"NOT INTENDED TO BE REMOVED" is in bold and underlined on the yellow tags which are on the trees. The tag lists a number to the Oakland parks commission 510-615-5850. The yellow tags state the requirement of the Tree Preservation Ordinance, that the trees are to be preserved if possible. But it strongly appears that the roots were destroyed on purpose, as the earth is disturbed up to the trunks of the trees, and there are large exposed roots on all the trees.

The redwoods are already showing signs of extreme damage, appearing dry. Given the extensive damage of the roots to the redwoods, a couple appear to have a slight lean.

There are no clear signs as to who violated the Tree Preservation Ordinance. The chain link fence only has the name and number of the fence rental company. The construction vehicles only have name of the rental company. There is no sign as to who owns the lot, and who is working the lot and what is going to be built on the lot. The lot was a gas station, and there is a large tank which has been dug out of the ground.

Call the Oakland parks commission 510-615-5850 regarding the damage done to the trees. They all appear ruined and unsalvageable. It appears, due to the extent of the damage, that the trees were ruined on purpose so the lot developer could get rid of them. Furthermore the lot developer is not properly identifying themselves to the public. This is the triangular lot on College and Claremont.
§Trees @ College & Claremont
by Bay Area Occupier Thursday Jan 24th, 2013 8:12 PM
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Call the Oakland parks commission 510-615-5850 regarding the damage done to the trees.

All these trees have extensive damage to their root systems. The trees are marked that they are not intended to be removed, but they are so damaged it is unlikely they can be kept. The disruption of the soil goes too close to the trunks, in some cases up to the trunks of the trees. It would appear the lot owner did not wish to keep the trees, and had them purposefully damaged so they have to be removed.

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by steve Redmond
Sunday Jan 27th, 2013 11:04 AM
So who enforces the law on this and did these folks get a permit that was checked by code enforcement? Its a shame to kill these trees which were minding their own business until a lazy operator ripped the roots apart.