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Is French military attack in Mali Hollande's bid for his Nobel Peace Prize?
by DLi
Thursday Jan 17th, 2013 2:37 AM
Seeing how the Nobel selection committee awarded US prez Obama the Peace Prize in 2009 before he had made any concrete contribution to peace(in fact, shortly after his militant acceptance speech in Oslo, POTUS 44 promptly increased drone strikes and tripled the American invasion force in Afghanistan), French President Francois Hollande apparently figures that by surging the violence in Mali with air attacks and inserting French troops into battle with local "insurgents," he, too, would be a shoo-in for this year's coveted Peace Prize.
If imitation is considered the sincerest form of flattery, Barack Obama must be tickled pink by the latest Western Imperialist attack on Malian soil that is being engineered from Paris. After all, the current American Commandante-in-chief has openly bragged about robustly maintaining the 'superiority' of America's global War Machine and sent hundreds of robotic drones to kill suspected "terrorists" across several continents without asking for any oversight or even the need to provide evidence. Yet, despite Obama's brazen promotion of USA empire's global militancy, no "responsible" section of government, the much-touted "free press," or even human rights groups has called for the Nobel Committee to take back the 2009 Peace Prize that was awarded--at a minimum, prematurely(perhaps "pre-emptively"?)--to a candidate who had then accomplished any real Peace initiatives--to the just-elected White House occupant.

No wonder other Western Imperialist aspirants(and evidently, the "Socialist" Hollande of France being the first unabashed upstart!)are now emboldened to use the strong arm of overseas military "surge" as the necessary stepping stone to presumed worldwide acclaim as the Prince of Peace. All they have to do is to label some local hoodlums as "terrorists" and branding them as "al-Qaeda associates." Unfortunately, this may be the saddest and lasting legacy of the first non-Caucasian U.S. president who was sold to the American electorate as the second coming of FDR destined to bring "Audacity" and "Hope" to civil society in the 21st Century.

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by Keen Observer
Thursday Jan 17th, 2013 6:46 PM
When the United Nations were formed in post-WW II, the United States led many nations to pledge to turn "Swords into Plowshares." Today, almost 7 decades later, the Capitalist powers have managed to ruin the entire global economy with their class warfare of making workers pay for the fraudulence and criminality of a handful of banksters. In effect, the rulers of Western Imperialist regimes are pushing hard to turn savings from "austerity programs' imposed on the 99% in order to pay for the increasing repression by robotic drones, which ae controlled and work for the interest of the "less than 1%." This is the lasting legacy of a historically-doomed Capitalist political-economic paradigm. The more than 99-percenters of 7 billion Earthlings will not take this droning repression much longer!