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Guns & Bullets = Drones & Missles? Is that a fair comparison when they both kill kids?
by Cris Ericson
Friday Jan 11th, 2013 1:43 PM
Are drones just guns with bigger bullets? Is it fair to talk about drone strikes killing innocent children in the same conversation as guns & bullets killing innocent children? Can we each really describe our gut reaction to each situation?
President Barack Obama promised us "change".

We need to change his mind and his heart now,
if we can.

We see photos of President Barack Obama sitting
in the White House Oval Office using his
big desktop notepad computer.

Drone Strikes are just computer games
for U.S. Military officers who are just sitting
in their office twirling their thumbs
and killing someone
far away
in another land.

God gave us brains!
Isn't it time to use them,

We can THINK of a better way!
We can see children and believe they
should not be collateral damage.

We can hear the cries of children
and know in our hearts that they should
not be collateral damage.

We can feel excited if we can use our
God given brains to create a better system
of self defense.

The awareness of an
exciting feeling when we create a better
path in life will make us aware of
our compassion as human beings and
make us feel good.

President Barack Hussein Obama
is going to Swear in on a Holy Bible
for his Inaugeration February 12, 2013.

Will he say, "so help me, God."

Are we, those of us who chose to,
allowed to say, "God" in public schools
and Court rooms?

Can you feel the discrepancy yet?

Can you see the contradiction yet?

Can you hear the U.S. Military marching band play
"God Bless America" while you are wondering if
your children are allowed to sing that in their pubic school?

President Barack Obama will cover himself in a righteous
swirl of feel good "God" words during his inaugeration.

Is he a master showman? Is he a sociopathic liar?

Has he ever
pushed the button
and killed an innocent child
in a foreign land
from his Oval Office
laptop computer
with a Drone Strike?

Please sign the online White House petition
to end Drone Strikes killing children
and innocent civilians.

Thank you!