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Historic Irony? Hilary joins Cheney in having war-induced blood clots
by DLi
Wednesday Jan 2nd, 2013 2:29 AM
In a bizarre twist of historical 'coincidence,' current US State Secretary Hilary Clinton joins ex-Veep Dick Cheney in having debilitating blood clots in their 'brains." Many critics have connected these medical attacks as karmic retributions for their penchant for defending US Imperial attacks--euphemistically labeled 'collateral damage'--on civilians during invasions on Third World nations ranging from Afghanistan to Zaire...
While global protests involving tens of millions across the Planet have been unable to halt the illegal American aggressions abroad during the past decade, perhaps the Fate of cosmic justice has finally come back to mete out some small measure of "blowback" onto two of the most militant defenders of Yankee Imperial militarism.

In the latest episode, doctors confirmed that blood clots have formed between Hilary's veins and her brain. However, these medical professionals are not keen political observers. Hence, they could have not discovered the obvious connection between both Clinton's(as well as chief Iraq war architect 'Halliburton' Dick Cheney)and their decades-long role in pushing forth the militant surge of US Imperialist war machine. Because of their staunch support of genocidal wars of occupation abroad, both top officials have acquired plenty of "blood on their hands" long before they wound up in hosptial ERs with blood clots in their brains. Sadly, despite these small effects of karmic retribution, nothing can be done to bring back the hundreds of thousands of innocent civilian victims resulting from the virulent advocacy of Washington's Iron Fist 'diplomacy' by these two American officials.