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Diogenes Laertius’ Life of Socrates: or on the Essence of True Love
by Edward Campbell
Wednesday Dec 26th, 2012 8:42 AM
I was going write somethinng fancy, but I resolved that saying what I mean will be easier and faster. I have not finished this piece because I ran out of steam to carry it through and since I might not get back to it for a while; I thought you should have it now.

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As to the arrangement, the material on the front and the back, why I chose it, why it’s in the order that it is in, will point directly to the Capitolinus’ who use their positions in appropriately, many of them in Higher Education, should be reminded that Alcibiades said that sleeping with Socrates was like “sleeping with your father or your older brother.” And that it was Aristophanes who was the advocate of the Stronger Argument, male dominance and violence, who lampooned Socrates saying inter alia: abou the Old Days when boys were martched to school naked, were forbidden to cross their legs until they were proud of their manhood, “round about the time they get fuzz on their nuts.” And I find it very inappropriate that those types of things could be said about Socrates. But it is also clear that he really ywas somesort of a teacher and had a sponteneous young following, and he was murdered to prove ad baculum argumentum defeats all other arguments, and they mostly did it because they were jealous because Socrates was smarter, and indeed better. Alcibiades says that he was sarcastic, but when you pealed back the layers he had a heart of gold.

Edward H. Campbell
Brighton, MA
December 26, 2012