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Occupy Diamond Park
by o-tOwn tReehUgger
Wednesday Dec 19th, 2012 10:45 AM
Got a call from a person from Dimond park where people are trying to stop- cutting down of the redwoods. They asked to bring any excess of the food we have over there.

I am heading down there in a bit, will let ya know how many people there are and what resources are needed.

Here is a blurb from the Occup-y web site:

The City of Oakland has put tree removal permits on dozens of beautiful,
healthy, NATIVE trees including twenty-one redwoods. City of Oakland
plans to cut down a large grove of redwoods, oaks, and other native
trees and
bulldoze the banks of Sausal Creek. If not for community support, this
park could have already been changed forever by chainsaws. We need your
support to stop the destruction of the park now! These trees have been
here for hundreds of years. We need to stand up as a community, and have
our voices heard.

-- Dimond Park
3860 Hanly Rd
Oakland,CA 94602
These trees were here before City Hall… Our Native Americans Cared for our land and the Earth which it represented. We must stand up for the values that they believe in, and for the trees and not the chainsaws and bulldozers on public land.

There is now a proposal which would grade large amounts of the lower Dimond Park for a “restoration” project; we are not against creek restoration but they are not going to cut trees on our park!

The occupation of Dimond park will begin on Saturday, December 15 2012 and continue until our voices are heard and the trees are spared in the area.

This is a peaceful assembly to protest the City Government for our grievances, the police can’t get involved.

We need your support. Some numbers are included for local politicians, there is an online petition available to save the trees, and come on down and barbecue with us! Dimond park is readily available by Bart, bus, or car from anywhere in the greater Bay area.

Urgent!! The City of Oakland has posted tree removal permits on dozens of beautiful, healthy, NATIVE trees including twenty-one redwoods, many of them multiple feet across and many stories tall, as part of a so-called ‘restoration’ project.

Public comment is urgently needed to save them, please see for yourself and take a short stroll inside the main entrance from Dimond Ave. and along the creek path, then please phone your city councilmember without delay — in a very short time the entire character of our beautiful park will be altered forever by chainsaws unless we stop them now.

Please share this on your own f.b. pages and if you have a few minutes to spare to help with flyering, posters, chalk art, and otherwise spreading the word please comment here. More info to follow a.s.a.p., this is happening in real time.
by o-tOwn tReehUgger Wednesday Dec 19th, 2012 10:45 AM
by o-tOwn tReehUgger Wednesday Dec 19th, 2012 10:45 AM
Wednesday: building a bigger treehouse this afternoon, ground support and media requested. At 10:00 PM, the park closes, ground support out
■TV crew comes? KTVU

The proper address is at the end of Dimond Avenue or Fruitvale avenue just before the hill behind the Tennis courts, anyone will see where the trees are slated to be cut down.

Thank you for the post and support our wish list is:
Tarps, blankets, bikes, old/working laptops, socks, volunteer help to cook breakfasts and dinners there, occupiers, treesitters, and money donations. See you there.

Live pictures at