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Jerzy Kosinski- was he another mind controlled suicide?
by G. Berger
Sunday Dec 16th, 2012 9:33 AM
This alternative analysis of Kosinski's suicide suggests he, like Ernest Hemingway, was a politically targeted person and presents evidence from his biography that he could well have been a "mind controlled suicide"
A biography by James Park Sloan (1996) suggests to this writer that perhaps Jerzy Kosinsky was a victim of political targeting that eventually caused the award winning writer to commit suicide. Political targeting of individuals are psychological operations that include the use of electromagnetic and acoustic devices that cause changes in human physiology and mental processes.

It has recently been learned that the writer Ernest Hemingway was a surveillance target of the Federal Bureau of Investigation due to his political leanings. His claims of being followed and harassed by the FBI were not believed by those near him and were attributed to paranoia. This famous writer also experienced depression, severe enough to warrant electroshock treatment. He also suffered from sexual dysfunction. He eventually committed suicide.

Political control technologies have been described by several sources. The resulting covert surveillance and electromagnetic harassment commonly result in varying degrees of paranoia and depression. Suicidal behavior is also found in such cases, not only as result of the depressive state, but also the result of subliminal communication technology that introduces the influence to suicide, often done while the target is asleep.

Sloan’s biography of Kosinsky describes physical and mental symptoms suggesting application of the same covert political weapons were used to bring him to the same suicidal behavior. A mention in the biography that Kosinsky believed and even demonstrated to his wife that unknown persons were entering their apartment while they were out, not to steal, but rather to conspicuously move objects that would be noticed. This “sneak and peek” technique is used even today on political targets where without a warrant, one’s home is entered and searched. Leaving signs that the home was entered destabilizes the subject (gaslighting). This is an indication that the writer was under covert surveillance.

Sloan writes that Kosinsky complained of depression and hopelessness, sexual dysfunction, breast enlargement, a racing pulse, esophageal reflux, and forgetfulness; all symptoms seen in the politically targeted (see for example the autobiography of Judge Paul Schreber). The night of his suicide, he was seen in public in a normal state of mind, not indicative of a pre-suicidal state of mind.

The question arises, just how political a target was Kosinsky? It is known that he avoided the Manson clan mass murder scene that night because of misplaced luggage that grounded his connecting with the flight to Hollywood. Was Kosinsky actually the intended target of the murders?