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International pariah nation sent rocket into space
by DLi
Friday Dec 14th, 2012 1:08 AM
This past week, an international pariah nation spent millions of dollars in launching a military-missioned space launch. This nation--with millions of its people mired in poverty and in dire need of food aid--nonetheless decided to waste precious money to pursue military supremacy in outer space.
For many decades, this international pariah nation has spent more than 10 times its proportion of population in the world in weapons and war preparation. And even since 2008, when its collapsing economic model has plunged tens of millions of its people into unemployment, this country still steadily INCREASED its arms spending every year. At last count, more than 50 million of its citizens are without health insurance, and over 16% of its population are reliant on food assistance, yet the ruling regime still spent nearly 50% of its annual budget on past wars, current wars and paranoid preparation for future wars.

In international affairs, this pariah nation is singularly unique in its diplomatic isolation. In a UN General Assembly vote on restricting toxic DU(Depleted Uranium) weapons, it was 1 of only 4 nations that voted against the motion, versus 155 other more law-abiding nations. A few weeks earlier, it was also 1 of 4(including such influential powers like Palau and Micronesia) that voted against 188 others that condemned the unilateral economic embargo against the Caribbean island nation of Cuba. Finally, in the latest Doha round of climate talks, the aforementioned partiah nation refused to sign onto the already watered-down Kyoto environmental accords, once again.

Thus, truly objective and progressive world opinion is highly distressed at its latest secret military space launch on December 11, which evidently sent a robotic space vehicle into orbit(though some scientific critics claims its trajectory is becoming somewhat "wobbly" of late!) Peace activists and concerned citizens should direct their justifiable protest to the pariah nation's "unitary executive" who is residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, D.C.